Sample Application: Reason for Separation

Separation Reason Explanation
SELECT Laid off Your employer does not have work available, your assignment ended, the business closed or had budget cuts, or your position was eliminated.
SELECT Voluntary Quit You took the first step in leaving your job. For example, you told your employer you were quitting.
SELECT Quit to take another job. You quit working for this employer because you were offered work by another employer.
SELECT Fired The employer fired or discharged you from your job. (If your employer let you go because of a lack of work, budget cuts, etc., choose "Laid off" as your separation reason.)
SELECT Fired for
Criminal Act
You were fired by your employer because you committed a criminal act.
SELECT Strike/Lockout You are unemployed because of a lockout, strike, or other organized labor dispute at your place of employment. (If you are unemployed because of a personal dispute with your employer, choose Voluntary Quit or Fired, as appropriate.)
SELECT Still Employed Full Time You are currently working full-time but expect to be unemployed or working reduced hours in the future. You will not be paid or receive credit for your waiting week until you are unemployed or your hours are reduced. (If you are not currently working full-time for this employer, choose another separation reason.)
SELECT Hours Temporarily Reduced You were hired to work full-time but your employer has temporarily reduced your hours of work. You will have some work every week for this employer and expect to return to full-time work for this employer in the future. (If any of these conditions do not apply to you, choose another separation reason.)
SELECT Leave of Absence You are on an approved leave of absence from this employer. You are guaranteed work from this employer at the end of the leave of absence. (If you are not guaranteed a job when your leave of absence ends, choose another separation reason.)
SELECT Shared Work Only You are participating in your employer’s Shared Work Plan.
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