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Printing out Multiple Slides with Notes

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If you want to print out multiple slides on a single page with notes attached, PowerPoint does not allow you to easily do this. This Quick Guide shows you a great way to do this in just a couple of steps. This is great for trainers who have developed a PPT and need to give their material to other trainers, or want class members to have the notes. It saves on the amount of paper that would have to be used with conventional PowerPoint print techniques. The notes that are printed out are the notes that the PowerPoint presentation creator has attached to the PowerPoint slides to help with the presentation.

1. PowerPoint allows you to print out a Handouts view or a Notes view. However, it doesn't allow you to easily print out a Handouts view with notes attached. Here are two conventional ways that PowerPoint prints.

2. This is what our desired goal is. It's a Handouts view, but it has the notes along with the image of the slide itself. I've shortened the image up a bit, it actually displays 3 slides per page.
3. The first step is to open up the PowerPoint presentation that you wish to print out. Go up to "File" on the menubar and select "Send To." Choose the "Microsoft Office Word" choice.

4. The "Send To Microsoft Office Word" options box will appear. Choose your page layout, I chose "Notes next to slides." Then click on "Paste link." Finally, press the "OK" button.

5. Microsoft Word will open up automatically and begin converting the PowerPoint information. It may take a minute or two to completely convert the document. When finished, you have a Word document with all of your information.

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