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This guide will show you how to change your settings to allow you to single-click on a hyperlink within Word. The default for XP/2003 is a two step process: press Ctrl and then left-click with your mouse. By changing the setting shown in this guide, you will be able to just single-click with your mouse as you did in previous versions of Word.



1.) This is how a link appears in Word. Notice that when you hover your cursor over the link that instructions pop up explaining how to navigate to the site.
1.) This is the first step to change the default setting. Open up an existing Word document. Go up to the menubar and press "Tools" and then "Options..."

2.) The "Options" box will appear. Select the "Edit" tab.

Look under "Editing options" and uncheck the box for "Use CTRL + Click to follow hyperlink."

Press the "OK" button after you have made sure that you have unchecked the box.

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