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Merging Excel Data Columns

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This short guide shows you how to merge/combine two data columns in an Excel spreadsheet.

1.) Here is an example of what we want to accomplish. The plan is to combine the area codes column with the phone numbers column into a single column. I also want to insert a dash after the area code.
2.) The first step is to enter a formula that is going to combine the cells. Go to Cell C2 and type: =A2&"-"&B2. The "-" means to insert a dash between the data of our two columns.
3.) Now right click on the Fill Handle of cell C2. Drag it to the last row in column C that is parallel to the last row of data in your two columns, row 6 in this example.
4.) When you let go of the mouse button after dragging the fill handle, the edit box will appear. Choose "Copy Cells" and the formula will automatically convert each cell to the sum of the formula.
5.) This is what our spreadsheet looks like with the new column. Even though it looks like we are done there is still a problem that we must fix.
6.) If you take a look at any cell, you will see that the formula is still appearing in our edit box. We want to eliminate this and show only the phone numbers because we are going to delete columns A and B.
7.) The first step is to highlight the new cells that we created. The second step is to go up to "Edit" and choose "Copy",
8.) Go back up to "Edit" and choose "Paste Special," which will reveal the Paste Special box.
9.) Select the "Values" radio button and press the "OK" button to complete the process. The cells are now converted to numbers only without the formula. Delete the old columns and add a new header to completer the revised spreadsheet.

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