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Checking Grade Level/Readability

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This guide will show you how to find out what grade level you are writing at, also known as the readability of the document. This is useful when creating documents for clients or other audiences when you need to write your material at a certain grade level.

1.) The first step is to open up an existing Word document. Then go up to "Tools" on the menubar and select "Options."
2.) The Options box will appear. Select the "Spelling & Grammar" tab. Look at the bottom of the box in the "Grammar" section. You want to place a checkmark next to "Show readability statistics." Click on the "OK" box after you have placed a checkmark in the box. You have now set up Word to do the work we need. Now, let's check our document to see at what grade level it is written for.
3.) Go to "Tool" on the menubar and select "Spelling and Grammar." The readability check is part of your normal spell check process now!
4.) The Spelling and Grammar box will appear. This is the normal box that you see when running a spell check. Follow the normal procedure for running a spell check. When your spell check is completed the Readability Statistics box will appear.
5.) The Readability Statistics box gives you information related to your document. The section we are interested in is at the bottom of the box under "Readability." The Flesch Reading Ease score is an indicator of how easy a document is to read. The number ranges from 0-100. A higher score indicates that it is easier to read. Word converts this number to a grade level score for us and lists it as the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level. So my document is written at the 12th grade level.

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