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We've all experienced the frustration of having to search an extremely long internet page to find a particular section that we are interested in. This guide will show you a trick to quickly find text within a long document.

1. The online page for the W.A.C. lists all of the W.A.C. titles. It is a very long list. If I wanted to find information regarding the Secretary of State I would have to scroll quite a way down the list to finally find it.
2. A better way to search is to use what I call the "Control-F trick." Press the Ctrl and F keys on your keyboard simultaneously to reveal the "Find" box.
3. Enter your text, usually a single word is best. Choose the correct direction. If you are at the top of the page you will leave it at the "Down" radio button which is the default. Press the "Find Next" button.
4. In my example I would type "secretary." The first occurrence of the word "secretary" is highlighted in blue on my screen. If the first occurrence of the word isn't what I'm looking for I can press the "Find Next" button again and it will jump to the next occurrence of the word.

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