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Using the Windows Magnifier

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This short guide will show you how to use the Windows Magnifier tool. This can be a huge benefit if you are having trouble reading small print on a screen. The Magnifier divides the screen and magnifies the section that you are interested in looking at. Although originally designed for people with slight visual impairments, it is useful for anyone that has ever had to squint to read a web page.

1.) The first step is to press the "Start" button and select "Programs". You will then choose "Accessories," followed by "Accessibility" and finally, "Magnifier."
2.) This will bring up the Microsoft Magnifier information box. You can check the radio button to not ever see the message again. Press the "OK" button to make this box disappear.

3.) You can now adjust the settings on the Magnifier Settings box if you choose. You have control over the magnification level, tracking, colors, and presentation. Change some of the settings to experiment with how your screen looks.

If you press the "Exit" button you will close the Magnifier and return the screen to normal settings.

4.) You can change the amount of screen space that the Magnifier takes up by adjusting the vertical resize pointer that appears when you place your cursor over the screen division. Just left-click on the screen divider line and hold and drag the cursor to get the desired screen dimension.


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