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Moving a PPT Object

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This short guide will show you a few different ways to move an object in a PowerPoint presentation.

1.) If you want to be able to move the object in any direction at will, then left-click on the object and hold the mouse button while dragging the object to where you wish to place it.
2.) The best way to move an object either horizontally or vertically is to left-click on the object to make it active. It will be active when you see small squares or circles around the object. Then use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the object.
3.) If using the arrows moves your object more than you want it to, then you will want to "nudge" it just a bit. Activate the object by single left-clicking on it. Once the object is active press the "CTRL" button and simultaneously press the arrow key for the direction that you wish to move the object. The object will move just a bit in the desired direction. This works in PPT version 2000 and earlier. Newer versions of PowerPoint have the "nudge" option set as the default when using the arrows alone.

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