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Mailing Labels Using Excel Data (Mail Merge)

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Create mailing labels from an Excel spreadsheet using this guide. I will show you how to use the Mail Merge function of MS Word to import Excel spreadsheet data into a Word document and print out mailing labels.

1.) The first step is to open up a new Word document. Then go up to "Tools" on the menu bar and go to "Mail Merge."
2.) The "Mail Merge Helper" box pops up. There are three steps that will have to be completed to configure Word to properly import data from an Excel spreadsheet and create mailing labels from that data.
3.) Click on the "Create" button under "Main Document" and go to "Mailing Labels..."
4.) Choose how you want to view the information, I'm using the "Active Window."
5.) The "Mail Merge Helper" box is redisplayed. Click on the "Get Data" button and go to "Open Data Source..." This will allow you to search for your Excel spreadsheet where your data is located.
6.) In this example the Excel spreadsheet is located on the Desktop. Change the file type from "All Word Documents" to "MS Excel Worksheets" to search for the file.
7.) Click on the Excel file with the proper data and then click on the "Open" button.
8.) The next step is to specify the data range that will be used. Since I am using all of the data in the spreadsheet I click on "Entire Spreadsheet" and then press the "OK" button.
9.) Go ahead and click on the "Set Up Main Document" button.
10.) Set up the printer information and then specify the "Label Products:" and the "Product Number:" I'm using Avery Standard 5160 labels. Press the "OK" button to format the labels.
11.) Press the "Insert Merge Field" and choose a field that you would like to have on your label. You have to repeat the process for each field that you want to add. Don't click on the "OK" button yet.
12.) You need to format each of the fields by adding commas or inserting spaces. Use the "Enter" key on your keyboard to move to the next line. Once you have entered all of the fields, press the "OK" button.
13.) Click on the "Merge..." button to begin the final step of merging the Excel data into the Word document.
14.) Format the information to be merged using the "Merge" box. This example is using the system defaults. Press the "Merge" button to complete the process.
15.) The formatted labels are displayed in Word using the data from the Excel spreadsheet.

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