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Inserting Multiple Headers and Footers

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This is the final part of a three part series on headers and footers in MS Word. This guide will show you how to add multiple headers and footers to your document. Please review the first part and second part of this header/footer series if you are unfamiliar with inserting headers and footers into Word documents.

1.) The first step is to open up a Word document and then press the "Show/Hide" icon on the toolbar
2.) The "Show/Hide" button will reveal the formatting on the document. This is important for the steps to come. Here is an example where you can compare the "Show/Hide" feature.
3.) Next, place your cursor at the bottom of the first page and go up to "Insert" on the menubar. Click on "Break."
4.) The "Break" box will appear. Go to "Selection break types" and choose "Continuous." Click on the "OK" button when finished. You want to add a continous break at the bottom of each page of your document where you want different headers and footers.
5.) Here is an example where you can see that a section break has been added.
6.) Once you have added all of the continous breaks, go up to "View" on the menubar. Select "Header and Footer" to allow you to see the headers and footers.
7.) The last header in your document will be revealed and the "Header and Footer" toolbar will have the "Same as Previous" button highlighted. If you want to add a different header, click on the "Same as Previous" button to deselect it.
8.) You can then choose any of the options on the "Header and Footer" toolbar for your header.
9.) If you don't like any of the options, click in the Header area and type in your desired text.
10.) You can then go to the next or previous headers using the buttons on the toolbar. Make sure that you deselect the "Same as Previous" button if you wish to have different headers. You will have to deselect for each header . Go to the footers using the "Switch between Header/Footer" button and repeat the steps.
11.) Press the "Close" button on the toolbar and examine the headers and footers on your document to make sure that they are exactly as you wish.

The key to adding multiple headers and footers is the use of continuous breaks. If you have a problem with a header or a footer not appearing where you would like it to, go back and be sure that you added the continuous break in the proper place. This can sometimes take a bit of practice for large documents, but well worth the extra effort.

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