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Inserting Different Odd and Even Page Headers and Footers

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This is the second of a three part series on headers and footers in MS Word. This guide will show you how to add different odd and even page headers and footers to your document. The steps are almost identical to those used in the first part of this header/footer series.

1.) The first step is to open up a Word document. Go up to "File" on the menubar and select "Page Setup."
2.) The "Page Setup" box will appear. Select the "Layout" tab and then click on the "Different odd and even" box under "Headers and footers." Click on the "OK" button.
3.) Now, go up to "View" on the menubar and select "Header and Footer." This will allow you to open up the header and footer to enter the text for each.
4.) Your header will open up first and the "Header and Footer" toolbar will appear. You can automatically enter text by clicking on the "Insert AutoText" button and choosing an option.
5.) Here are the other options available to you on the "Header and Footer" toolbar. Remember that you will have an odd page header and an even page header. The same is true for the footers.
6.) If you don't like any of the options on the toolbar, you can place your cursor in the header and type whatever you want.
7.) Once you are finished with your first header, you can click on the "Show Next" button to go to the next Header. Once you are finished with the headers, press the "Switch Between Header and Footer" to add text to the footers.
8.) Follow the same procedures for the footers that you used on the headers. When finished, click on the Header and Footer toolbar "Close" button to view how the header and footer looks on your document.

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