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Microsoft Quick Guides

(You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files below. You can download this free software directly from Adobe.)

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Office 2010
Office 2007


Office 2010
Office 2007


Office 2010


Office 2010
Office 2007


Office 2010


Office 2010,
Misc. programs,
Internet & Windows

Word 2010

Word 2010 Quick Reference Card (PDF)

Word 2010 keyboard shortcuts (video)
Learn Word 2010 keyboard shortcuts. Find out how to access almost any button using the ALT key. And, learn handy shortcuts that use the CTRL key.

Word 2010 tips and tricks (video)
You’ve created tons of Word documents. But perhaps you need some timesaving techniques to help you work faster. This short course will do just that: give you tips and tricks for working with Word 2010.

Create accessible Word documents (video)
Learn what steps you can take to make your Word 2010 documents more accessible to everyone.

Create and customize a table of contents (video)
Create a table of contents (TOC) in Word 2010. Prepare document headings so that Word will generate the TOC automatically, and customize the look and settings for the TOC.

Create visually compelling documents in Word 2010 (video)
Effective documents convey important information in a well-designed way; Word 2010 offers several options to assist you in designing your information so that it really stands out. In this course, we’ll show you how to be your own graphic designer and get your text and images noticed.

Create your first Word document 1 (video)
Learn how to create your first document in Word: type where you want to on a page, correct spelling errors, make a list, change page margins, add emphasis to some words, quickly add some style, and save your work.

Create your first Word document 2 (video)
Part two of the “Create Your First Word 2010 Document” series for those who are new to Word. Learn to move around in the document, use formatting marks, move text using Cut and Paste, and change line spacing and alignment in Word 2010.

Get control of page numbers, headers, and footers (video)
Get a solid grasp on how to create and control headers and footers, including page numbers, text, and images in Word 2010.

Add or remove headers, footers and page numbers (video)
Add page numbers and headers and footers by using the gallery, or create a custom page number, header, or footer.

Word 2007

Add a watermark (PDF)
Add standard or custom watermarks to your Word 2007 document.

Adjust margins and indentation with the Ruler (PDF)
Adjust both margins and paragraph/bullet indentations easily using the ruler.

Bulleted or numbered Lists (PDF)
Create bulleted & numbered lists, and learn to insert extra, unformatted lines.

Change displayed or default font in Word (PDF)
Customize existing text and set up default choices for future documents.

Change the case of existing text, Part 1: Use the Ribbon (PDF)
Switch text between upper and lower case, using the Ribbon.

Change the case of existing text, Part 2: Use keyboard shortcuts (PDF)
Use these handy keyboard shortcuts to quickly change the case of selected text.

Change line spacing in Word (PDF)
Learn how to change line spacing using Ribbon commands and keyboard shortcuts.

Check grade level & readability (PDF)
Do your documents meet Plain Talk standards? Check them with these tools and find out!

Create mailing labels using Excel data (PDF)
This guide show you how to create mailing labels from an Excel spreadsheet.

Create horizontal lines in Word (PDF)
This guide supplies keyboard shortcuts with which you can easily create a variety of horizontal lines.

Edit two parts of a document simultaneously (PDF)
You’ll learn how to view and edit two different sections of a Word document at the same time.

Fix stubborn Word formatting issues (PDF)
Text formats in a document don’t match up when they should? Fix them with these keyboard shortcuts.

Use Format Painter in Word documents (PDF)
This “magic brush” lets you to pick up multiple text formatting elements from one area, and “paint” them onto another. Great for getting that uniform look you want throughout your document.

Full-screen reading view, Part 1: Features and changing the opening view of documents (PDF)
An introduction to the fastest way to scan through a Word document…and one of the most versatile!

Full-screen reading view, Part 2: Navigating through the document (PDF)
More on full-screen reading – how to skip around in the document, using a variety of mouse and keyboard tricks.

Hyperlinks, Part 1: Creating and editing (PDF)
This guide gives you the basics on automatically and manually creating hyperlinks (to web pages, e-mails, etc.).

Hyperlinks, Part 2: Turning off automatic links (PDF)
Know how to disable the feature that creates automatic links based on typographic coding.

Hyperlinks, Part 3: Linking with just a click (PDF)
Speed up your link surfing by changing your settings. No more “press Cntl + Click to follow link” for you!

Insert columns in Word (PDF)
Add column formatting to selected text.

Insert page numbers (PDF)
Control page number placement and formatting; the same simple method allows you to add titles, chapter headings, authors’ names, etc. to your document as well!

Rearrange paragraphs easily (PDF)
The power to shift entire paragraphs with a flick of your fingertips! A very handy keyboard shortcut.

Send an e-mail attachment from within Word (PDF)
No need to exit Word and open Outlook to share a document. Here’s a quick way to e-mail it as an e-mail attachment from within Word itself.

Track Changes security settings (PDF)
Save yourself the embarrassment of unintentionally sending out documents with “track changes” still enabled.

Turn off red and green squiggle lines (PDF)
A step-by-step – and reversible – guide to turning off those nagging SpellCheck underlines.

Use Smart Navigation Browsing in Word (PDF)
This trick will give you the power to search/browse/research through lengthy documents with ease and efficiency!

Excel 2010

Excel 2010 Quick Reference Card (PDF)

Save time by creating and running macros in Excel 2010 (video)
In this training, you'll learn how to record, run, and edit a macro, and how to save a macro to your personal macro workbook so you can reuse it later.

Excel 2010 keyboard shortcuts 1: CTRL key shortcuts (video)
Learn Excel 2010 CTRL key shortcuts that let you do everything from selecting and editing cells, to inserting cells, rows, and columns.

Excel 2010 keyboard shortcuts 2: ALT key shortcuts (video)
Learn how to use ALT key shortcuts that let you access almost any command in Excel 2010. (These keyboard shortcuts are also called access keys.)

The IF function: what it is and how to use it (video)
The IF function checks to see if a condition you specify is true or false. If true, one thing happens; if false, something else happens.

How to create a basic chart in Excel 2010 (video)
Learn how to create and edit a chart in Excel.

VLOOKUP: What it is and when to use it (video)
You may have heard of the VLOOKUP function, and you may have heard reasons why you should use it. But what does it do, exactly?

How to use Excel tables to manage information (video)
Learn how to use Excel tables to sort and filter data, create special table formatting, and auto fill formulas.

Plan payments and savings in Excel 2010 (video)
Learn how to use financial functions in Excel formulas to figure out payments and savings.

Understand data at a glance with conditional formatting (video)
Have you heard about conditional formatting? Get hands-on practice using conditional formatting to make data stand out.

Sparklines: Use tiny charts to show data trends (video)
As you look at rows and rows of data, sometimes it's hard to immediately make sense of it. Add tiny charts called sparklines.

Excel 2007

Adding electronic comments (PDF)
Attach a note to a cell in an Excel spreadsheet.

Adding rows within a single cell (PDF)
Use a keystroke combination to add a row inside a cell.

Applying the Format Painter (PDF)
Use the Format Painter to transfer formatting to other cells.

AutoFormat, Part 1: Adding options to Excel 2007 (PDF)
Add Excel 2003’s AutoFormat function into Excel 2007.

AutoFormat, Part 2: Using the AutoFormat patterns (PDF) Learn to use AutoFormat in Excel 2007.

Calculating total days between two dates (PDF)
Find total days and inclusive workdays between any two dates.

Charts, Part 1: Creating a chart (PDF)
Basic design choice and creation of spreadsheet charts.

Charts, Part 2: Parts and views (PDF)
Chart terminology and rotation.

Charts, Part 3: Background images (PDF)
Customize your charts with appropriate background images.

Formulas, Part 1: Creating a formula (PDF)
The basics of entering formulas into your spreadsheet.

Formulas, Part 2: Applying a formula over a range of cells (PDF)
Apply a formula over a range of cells.

Formulas, Part 3: Finding formulas with the Paste function (PDF)
Use the paste function to find appropriate formulas for your spreadsheet.

Formulas, Part 4: Use a single formula for multiple columns (PDF)
Spread a single formula over multiple columns.

Highlighting using Shapes feature (PDF)
Use the Shapes feature to call attention to specific areas of a spreadsheet.

Merging data columns (PDF)
Combine two data columns into one.

Splitting text data columns – Excel 2007 (PDF)
Use Excel 2007’s automated tool to split elements of text data columns into their different parts.

Zoom in (PDF)
Three ways to magnify a section of a spreadsheet.

Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 Quick Reference Card (PDF)

Mailbox management 1: Use views to stay organized
Learn how to manage your Outlook 2010 mailbox by setting and changing views, settings that control how Outlook displays your data.

Mailbox management 2: Instant Search and Search Folders
Learn how to manage your Outlook 2010 mailbox with Instant Search and Search Folders.

Mailbox management 3: File your stuff in folders
Learn to create folders in your Outlook mailbox, and also in an Outlook data file, which is often referred to as a .PST file or a personal folders file.

Outlook 2010 keyboard shortcuts 1: Email
Learn how to use CTRL key shortcuts to move, format and search for messages.

Outlook 2010 keyboard shortcuts 2: Calendar, contacts, tasks
Use Outlook 2010 keyboard shortcuts to open the address book and move around the calendar.

Outlook 2010 keyboard shortcuts 3: Alt key shortcuts
Learn how to use ALT key shortcuts that let you access almost any command in Outlook 2010. These keyboard shortcuts are also called access keys.

Use e-mail signatures in Outlook 2010
Learn to add and format e-mail signatures, and to use an image of your handwritten signature or other pictures.

Outlook best practices: How Harry got organized
Learn with Harry as his mentor shows him how to use Outlook to increase productivity with email and time management best practices.

Save time with Outlook 2010 templates
Email, calendar, task and contact templates can save you a lot of time and help reduce errors.

PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010 Quick Reference Card (PDF)

Charts and diagrams 1: Working with SmartArt graphics (video)
Learn to work with SmartArt graphics to create things like process diagrams or organization charts.

Charts and diagrams 2: Creating data charts (video)
Learn to create line, column, and other data charts in PowerPoint 2010.

Insert video into your presentation (video)
Learn how to link video, embed video, and set playback options.

Add photos into a PowerPoint presentation (video)
Insert a single photo or make a photo album. Plus, learn how to size, crop, rotate, and apply effects to photos.

PowerPoint 2010 tips and tricks(video)
You've created tons of PowerPoint presentations, but perhaps you need some shortcuts to help you work faster, and more effectively.

PowerPoint 2010 keyboard shortcuts (video)
Learn how to use your keyboard to do things more quickly in PowerPoint 2010.

Animations and transitions, Part 1: Adding animations and transitions (video)
Learn how to animate your slides, text, bullets, pictures, charts and shapes.

Animations, Part 2: Controlling animation timing, speed and duration (video)
Find out how to add animation delays, change the animation order, and even add a sound to your presentation.

PowerPoint 2007

Add audio over multiple slides (PDF)
Learn how to insert an audio file (narration, music) over multiple slides.

Align Objects (PDF)
Learn how to align various objects in PowerPoint, and make your slides look sharp!

Edit in Small Mode (PDF)
Master this versatile editing tool by viewing PPT presentations in “small mode.”

Hyperlink within PowerPoint (PDF)
Learn how to jump around within your presentation by using hyperlinks.

PowerPoint without Bullets (PDF)
Add variety to your slides with these alternatives to standard bullet points.

Print multiple slides with notes (PDF)
Combine slides and notes in a compact printed version of your presentation.

Self-run presentations (PDF)
Learn how to automatically advance your slides for a presentation that literally runs itself.

OneNote 2010

OneNote 2010 Quick Reference Card (PDF)

Basic tasks in OneNote 2010
Here are some basic tasks that you can do to help you learn how to use Microsoft OneNote 2010.

Make the wwitch to OneNote 2010
Already experienced with an earlier version of Microsoft Office OneNote, and just want to get up to speed with the changes in the 2010 version? Then this is the course for you.

Extensive OneNote 2010 tutorial (PDF)
This extensive tutorial on OneNote 2010 includes 20 exercises and 8 activities. You will be well versed in OneNote 2010 after reading this document.

Get started with OneNote 2010
Have you heard of OneNote 2010, but wonder what it is exactly and how you can use it? Let’s take a look at OneNote 2010 and see how you can use it to stay more organized and connected.

Office 2010, Internet & Windows

Office 2010

Office 2010 Quick Reference Card (PDF)

Miscellaneous programs

Access 2010 Quick Reference Card (PDF)

InfoPath 2010 Quick Reference Card (PDF)

Project 2010 Quick Reference Card (PDF)

Publisher 2010 Quick Reference Card (PDF)

SharePoint 2010 Quick Reference Card (PDF)

Visio 2010 Quick Reference Card (PDF)


Quickly find information on a page
A great trick to find what you are looking for quickly on a long Internet document, without scrolling.


Windows 7 Quick Reference Card (PDF)

Open zip files Learn how to open up files that have been compressed into a .zip file.

Use the Windows Magnifier
A great way to magnify sections of a screen for easier reading.

Windows Hot Keys Chart
A chart of selected Windows hot keys to help with routine computer tasks.

Windows Hot Keys 2 Chart
A chart of Windows hot keys that uses the key to help with various computer tasks.

Print Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files
This is a great way to save paper. Print only the pages of a .pdf file that you want.

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