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Employer Outreach

Business Services staff are links between employers and job seekers for each WorkSource Development Area (WDA). Their role is to know who is hiring, what’s happening with the local economy, and what employers are looking for in their ideal candidates.

Staff work with the employer community to provide labor market information, business assessments, business assistance information and referral, assist in filling staffing needs through job listings and referrals, access to employee training and re-training, comprehensive website, and business restructuring or closures information and referral.

Employer Outreach Overview

How does employer outreach function as an integral part of the WorkSource universe?  Here is an overview of workforce development, the Wagner-Peyser Act, the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, and Local Veterans Employment Representatives’ role in employer outreach. Learn how the WorkSource Service Delivery System Policy guides coordinated services in the WorkSource system, and find out about working in partnership with internal and external customers.

Quality Job Orders

A lot of your duties with employer outreach will revolve around job orders posted on our website – how to get them from employers with openings to fill; how to gather all the necessary information; and finally, how to create a quality job order in SKIES.

Selection and Referral

Those quality job orders will be responded to by your job seeking customers.  In this segment, we'll cover the principles involved in selecting qualified candidates from those individuals, and referring them on to our business customers.

Managing Job Orders

Once posted, job orders don't go on automatic pilot. In this segment, you'll cover topics relating to their care and maintenance, such as employer contacts, meeting business performance expectations, adjusting job orders for best results, and interactions between business service staff members and other employment specialists. You’ll also review the details of capturing hire data and entering job placements in SKIES.

Using Social Media

Networking through social media has become commonplace today. BSU staff can use social media to network and research employers. This section includes an overview of social media networking and using LinkedIn.


WorkSource staff and partners must utilize the Services, Knowledge and Information Exchange System (SKIES) to track services provided to employers.

Outreach: Sales and Marketing of WorkSource Services

To achieve the best results for both job seekers and employers, business services staff have to market the advantages of cooperation with WorkSource to the business community. This segment will touch on fundamental sales and marketing principles and techniques, as well as existing tools available for building and strengthening those relationship bridges into the future.

Labor Market Information

An employer may utilize Labor Market (LMI) in a number of ways such as: identifying their local labor pools; finding what the local wages and duties are for a specific job; and how to use for future growth of the company and employee retention. This segment covers valuable information including coding, ladders, and self-service tools for writing job descriptions and posting job openings.

Job Development

The Job Development process starts with specific job seekers in need of employment. It then attempts to match them with those employers most likely to have a need for the unique sets of skills and abilities those seekers have to offer. This segment will provide guidance for WorkSource staff on how to facilitate these matches, to the benefit of all concerned.

Reference Links

WIN 0032: Job Order and Referral Requirements and Tools
Coordinated Business Services Policy 1014
ESD’s Style Guide
Plain Talk
Essential Web Links (PDF)

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