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The WorkSource Center offers a number of workshops designed to teach you how to create a resume, brush up on interviewing skills, research job leads and even prepare for a new career.

Workshop Schedule

* SKILLS and ABILITIES – Learn how to identify your interests, identify transferable/basic job skills; create a “One-Minute Commercial” using your skills and interests. Seating for 30 only. Prerequisite for Skills and Abilities 201 (see below).

* JOB SEARCH STRATEGIES - Compare the most effective methods of seeking work, build a plan for your own work search, learn strategies for contacting employers, and learn how to effectively use the internet in your job search.

* PERFECTING APPLICATIONS - Learn the basic rules for completing applications; complete a master application; learn how to submit an electronic application.

* EFFECTIVE RESUMES AND COVER LETTERS – Learn how to create a targeted resume; practice writing portions of your resume.

* INTERVIEWING TECHNIQUES – Learn what employers expect from an interview; prepare effective, impressive answers to frequently asked questions; improve your interviewing skills.

* INTRODUCTION TO WORKSOURCE – During this workshop you will be given an overview of the services available at your local WorkSource office to assist with all phases of your job search. We will introduce you to WorkSourceWA.com, which includes job listings and other valuable resources.

* If you are collecting Unemployment Insurance benefits, these activities each count as one in-person job search activity on your job search log. Weekly requirements can be met by any combination of APPROVED workshops and employer contacts for a total of 3 per week. For Extended Benefits claimants, 4 employer contacts per week are required and workshops cannot be included as a job search.

CAREER INFUSION JOB CLUB – Meet weekly with other job seekers and WorkSource staff to network, brainstorm, develop job leads, build camaraderie, share struggles and gain job search advice. New topics weekly!

CAREER TRANSITIONS INFORMATION SESSION – Ready for a change? Attend this information session and get started on a new career path! Participants will learn about the Community Colleges of Spokane Career Transitions Program, how to access funding for the program and get signed-up.

DIVISION of VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION ORIENTATION (DVR) – DVR works with people with disabilities who want to work but face a substantial barrier to finding or keeping a job. At the orientation you will learn more about the services we offer and eligibility criteria.

SERVICES FOR VETERANS – This orientation provides the essential employment information necessary for veteran job seekers to recognize how prior military service can be utilized in this challenging labor market.

WinWay RESUME LAB – This hands-on class will teach you how to use the computer-based WinWay Resume program to create a resume that will “win employers over”! (We recommend that job seekers attend ‘Skills and Abilities’ and ‘Effective Resumes’ PRIOR to this class.) Seating capacity for 10 only. Please bring a flash drive if you have one.

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