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WorkSource Integrated Technology (WIT) User Guides

WorkSourceWA Customer Management User Guide | WorkSourceWA Job Match User Guide

Please do not print these manuals, as they are in draft.
You may save an electronic copy to your computer. The manuals will be updated as the system continues to be configured. The final version of the manuals will be posted prior to go-live.

WorkSource Integrated Technology Project Job Match Training

Job Match Webinar Presentation

Job Match Training

WorkSource Integrated Technology 6Sense Technology

Learn more about Monster’s patented 6Sense search technology.

Monster Cloud Analytics | Monster Power Resume Search | Monster Cloud Search
Monster Cloud Solutions | Monster Cloud Search Presentation


WorkSource Integrated Technology Project Newsletter

2015 will bring big changes to WorkSource with a new job matching and customer information system powered by Monster.com.

To keep you informed about the project – called the WorkSource Integrated Technology Project – we have launched a new bi-weekly newsletter, called Go2News.

When visiting the Go2News site, you can sign up to receive notifications of new posts by email by clicking the link and entering your email address in the right hand side of page or clicking the “Follow” button at the bottom right hand side of your screen as shown below.



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