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The Résumé

On this page you will find basic résumé information, enough to get you started, and give you an idea of what a résumé is, and how it works.  The following pages will help you in developing your résumé, you can also use the links at the bottom of each page to quickly jump to that section.

The Definition
A résumé is document stating your personal, professional and educational qualifications, as well as your work experience.  It is designed to give your potential employer a positive first impression.  Your résumé is your advertisement of you.
The Purpose
A résumé is used to show the employer your abilities and what you can do for the business so you will be given an interview.  It will give the employer a picture of you, not only from the content of your résumé, but also from its style and appearance.
Different Résumé Styles
  • Chronological - Lists work experience beginning with your most recent job, displaying your work experience in reverse order.
  • Functional - Qualifications are arranged by skill areas, highlighting major areas of accomplishments, strengths, or abilities gained on the job or elsewhere.

When Should Each Style be Used?

  • Have lots of previous work history that is impressive
  • You are staying in same field of work
  • Work history shows growth and development
  • For traditional fields such as education or government
  • Re-entering job market after an absence
  • Changing careers
  • Career growth in the field has not been good
  • Variety of different unconnected positions

Next Section: How to Write Résumés

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