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What can I do to protect my privacy?

To maximize your personal privacy, we suggest that you select "Show E-mail Address" only when posting your résumé on Go2WorkSource. If you do not have an e-mail address, you may obtain one at no cost. If you do not have an e-mail account and would like to have one, each of the services listed below offers free e-mail accounts that are accessible through any computer connected to the Internet. It takes about 15 minutes to sign up and get your account.

Yahoo Mail | Hotmail

Remember, when you enter your résumé text, it is not necessary to include your address, phone number, or other personal information unless you prefer to have this information shown. If you choose to include your résumé in WorkSource, your résumé text and the contact information you select will be viewable online by registered employers on the WorkSource résumé search page. If you do not want your résumé to be included in the résumé search, for employers you can choose "NO" for Enable Résumé Search when posting your résumé. For more information, see the Employment Security Department Privacy Notice, the WorkSource Security Center and the WorkSource Use Agreement.

Is it safe to send my personal information over the Internet to Go2WorkSource

WorkSource uses 128-bit SSL Encryption to secure pages with sensitive content. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and is the industry standard form of encryption, used to secure transmissions over the Internet. Encryption is the technology that scrambles information being sent along a network, rendering it useless if it is somehow intercepted. WorkSource uses SSL whenever a transmission includes sensitive or confidential information, such as addresses, phone numbers, passwords, etc.

Why do I have to provide my Social Security Number when I register with Go2WorkSource?

Your Social Security Number is required to transfer information to WorkSource offices and other databases, and to report performance to Employment Security's federal funding source. Only selected WorkSource staff will have access to this information, please be assured that your Social Security number WILL NOT be posted to the Internet.

Who can see my résumé when it is posted to Go2WorkSource?

Only selected WorkSource staff and registered employers will be able to view your résumé.

What is a "Registered Employer?

A Registered Employer is an employer that has gone through the screening process to verify that they are eligible to employ job seekers before they can post jobs or conduct résumé searches.

What personal information should I include in my résumé?

We suggest that you keep personal information in your résumé to at a minimum. Minimal contact information should be sufficient, as well as, unnecessary information detailing race, party affiliation, sex, sexual preference, martial status, etc. never include your Social Security Number.

What is encryption and SSL?

WorkSource uses 128-bit SSL Encryption to secure pages with sensitive content. Most browsers will negotiate a lower level of encryption automatically if 128-bit is not supported, however, the WorkSource site will force a minimum of 40-bit. 128-bit encryption is several quadrillion times stronger than 40-bit, so you are strongly encouraged to upgrade if your browser does not already support it. This section contains instructions for checking the encryption strength supported by your browser.

Will my personal information be shared?

Please see the Employment Security Departments Data Sharing Notice.

Where can I find information about the collection, access, use and security of information used by Go2WorkSource?

Please see the Employment Security Departments Privacy Notice.


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