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WorkSource Messaging FAQs

What is WorkSource Messaging?

WorkSource Messaging is a system designed for employers to communicate with perspective job candidates without e-mail accounts or job seekers who have chosen to post anonymous résumés. Messages found in the MyWorkSource Message Center, are in response to résumé Search or résumé Scout search results, by registered employers seeking additional job related information from job seekers.

When conducting résumé Search or résumé Scout searches, an employer's only option to contact "Anonymous" job seekers or job seekers without e-mail accounts, is to send a message via WorkSource Messaging. If you have registered without an e-mail address, WorkSource staff responding to the results of a Request a Job Referral will send referral messages to the Message Center section of your MyWorkSource account.

Registered Job seekers, who do not want their contact information to show during employers résumé Searches or résumé Scout searches, may check "Anonymous" to exclude their contact information from the search results. If you registered without an e-mail address, WorkSource Messaging is an alternate means of communication to respond to employers search inquiries. Be sure to check for messages frequently in My WorkSource if you used this option. You may check or uncheck the anonymous box at any time by going to "Update Registration" in My WorkSource.

Job seekers can respond to messages received from employers, but must be logged in to access the Message Center. If you would like to have an e-mail account, each of the services listed below offers free e-mail accounts accessible through any computer connected to the Internet. It takes about 15 minutes or less to sign up and get your account.

 Yahoo Mail | Hotmail

Can I use WorkSource Messaging to send email messages?

WorkSource Messaging is internal and is not intended to be an e-mail service used to initiate e-mail messages. It is a means for registered employers, who are conducting résumé searches or Résumé Scout searches, to communicate with job seekers who wish to remain anonymous or have no e-mail account.


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