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Post a Résumé FAQs

Do I need to register before I can post a résumé?

Yes, you need to complete the Go2WorkSource registration process to create a MyWorkSource account before you can post a résumé (see next question for instructions). To get to the registration form, click on the Log In or Register tab on the home page, then click on Job Seeker Registration. After reading the WorkSource Use Agreement, click on I agree, then fill out the information requested on the registration form. Here are some of the benefits of registering with WorkSource Washington:

  • Use the WorkSource Résumé Builder to create and store up to 5 résumés and cover letters in your MyWorkSource account.
  • Use your saved résumés to request job referrals and apply for jobs online.
  • View a report of all referral requests you have made and the jobs you have applied for online.
  • Create and save customized searches for the kind of job you want.
  • Create a WorkSource Job Scout which will automatically send job search results to you by e-mail.
  • Access your online MyWorkSource account at any time from any computer with access to the Internet.

How do I create a My WorkSource account?

See the Go2WorkSource Registration Quick Guide for instructions on how to register for a My WorkSource account on

Do I need to be logged in before I can post my résumé?

Yes, you must be registered and logged in to your account to post a résumé.

What is a User ID?

A User ID is a personal code that you create when you register. You use your User ID to log in to your WorkSource account. Once saved, your User ID cannot be changed.

What do I do if I forgot my User ID?

To recover your User ID, click on the Log In or Register tab on the home page, then click on Forget your User ID?.

Should I use the upload existing résumé method or Résumé Builder for my online résumé?

Use the upload existing résumé method if you already have a résumé saved in a Word document. You can also type your résumé directly into the text box provided. Use the Résumé Builder if you have not written a résumé or if you are not sure how to format your résumé.

Can employers see my résumé on the Internet?

Only employers that are registered with WorkSource will be able to view your résumé if you have enabled it for Employer Search. If you would like to prevent your résumé from being viewed by registered employers, please refer to How to Enable or Disable Résumé Search Quick Guide.

Can I change my Summary Statement?

To update the Summary Statement on your résumé or application, click the Manage Résumés tab in your MyWorkSource account, on the left menu bar. Click the Update Résumé button and choose the résumé/application you wish to edit. Edit accordingly, and then click the Preview Résumé button, to make sure it is complete. Now click the Post Résumé to WorkSource button to finish your update.

Can I post a résumé to Go2WorkSource if I live outside Washington state?

Yes, if you live outside of Washington State you are welcome to post a résumé on WorkSource Washington. By posting your résumé here, you are indicating to employers your desire to move or commute to Washington. Washington State currently has one of the strongest economies in the country. Click on the Labor Market Info tab on the left menu bar, to research the state of Washington's economy, industries, and wages.

I want to use an email address on my résumé, but I don't have one. Can I get a free email account?

Yes. If you would like to have an e-mail account, each of the services listed below offers free e-mail accounts that can be accessed through any computer connected to the Internet. It takes about 15 minutes or less to sign up and get your account.

Yahoo Mail | Microsoft Outlook | Gmail

How can I see what my online résumé will look like when viewed by an employer?

When posting your online résumé or application, click the Preview Résumé button at the bottom of the page or, from the Manage Résumés tab, click on the title of any of your résumés.

How do I convert an electronic résumé?

To create a résumé that will look consistently good when e-mailed, scanned, or viewed within a simple text editor, use the simplest formatting possible. This may mean sacrificing the features of your favorite word processor, such as tables, paragraph borders, and custom fonts. If you plan to post your résumé to the Internet, it is a good idea to keep two versions of it. Use the online version for e-mails and Internet postings. Save your word-processed résumé for interviews and for sending to employers who have already shown an interest. Follow these steps to create a résumé that will look good no matter where you send it. These directions will work for most word processing programs:

  • Open your résumé in your word processor.
  • Save the résumé as TEXT ONLY. (This feature is usually available by choosing Save As from the File menu)
  • Close the résumé and reopen the new text-only version in Notepad or a similar plain text editor.
  • Edit your résumé so that it looks good to you.
  • Save the document.

To send your résumé in an e-mail or post it to the Internet, select all of the text in your résumé, Copy it, and Paste it into the e-mail or web page. Note: The maximum size allowed for your résumé is 50,000 characters. This translates into approximately 10 pages.

Should I include a cover letter and references when I submit a résumé to the Internet?

Including a cover letter with your electronic résumé is a matter of personal choice. When you create and submit your résumé to a searchable database, such as WorkSource or America's Job Bank, a cover letter is not necessary. A registered employer searching résumés will see only résumés, not cover letters.

However, when you use your online résumé to apply for a specific job, you may want to attach or modify a cover letter prior to the application. Typically, a cover letter is targeted toward a specific employer and a specific job. We ask that you NOT include reference names or telephone numbers with your electronic résumé. References should only be given to an employer if the employer asks for them. Your references may not want their names and telephone numbers posted on the Internet.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

If you forgot your Résumé ID or password, you can retrieve it by using the Forget Your Password? button on the Job Seeker login page. You will be prompted for your User ID. Your password will be sent to the e-mail address you gave when you registered with us.

How can I update or delete my résumé?

Login to your MyWorkSource account and select Manage Résumés. Use the Update Résumé or Delete Résumé buttons to make the changes. Updating your résumé will reset the Post Date and keep it in the database for an additional 180 days. Deleting your résumé will remove it from the WorkSource database.

Can I submit more than one résumé?

Yes! WorkSource provides full support for multiple résumés. You can post up to five résumés and one application, each one identified by its unique résumé title. Having more than one active résumé at a time is ideal if you are interested in working in more than one field. For more information on working with multiple résumés, go to Post a Résumé Help.

The text box to enter my free-form résumé is too small. Is there a more user-friendly way to do it?

The maximum size allowed for your résumé is 50,000 characters. This translates into approximately 10 pages. The recommended method of creating your electronic résumé is to design it in a plain text editor in a word processor document like Microsoft Word and save it. Use "Select All", then "Copy" from the Edit menu.

Next, click inside the field where the text of your résumé will be placed and select "Paste" from the Edit menu. Your résumé may not look quite the same as it did in your word processor, but you may edit in this field until it looks good to you. Select the Preview button at the bottom of the page to see what it will look like to registered employers.

How can I know if my résumé is any good?

There is only one sure way to know if your résumé is good and/or effective: Is it creating interest in you? How many interviews or responses are you getting because of your résumé? When you have developed a résumé that is specifically targeted to your field of work or to specific employers that hire in your profession and you receive one interview or response out of five résumés sent, this is considered very good. If you have not received any responses after sending twenty targeted résumés, it is time to reformat, reword and/or redesign your résumé.

To view different methods and ideas about writing a résumé, click the Résumé Help tab. Workshops are available at no cost in most WorkSource Career Centers on topics such as "Orientation and Job Search Preparation", "Skills and Abilities", "The Hidden Job Market", and "Resume Writing". See workshop schedules and descriptions.

How can I create a private résumé that employers won't see when they search?

To make your résumé or application private, you may do so by selecting 'None' in the Résumés Enabled for Employer Search section of Manage Résumés. This will prevent your résumé from coming up in the search results when an employer does a résumé search. Private résumés can still be used to apply for jobs online. You may select one to be enabled for Employer Search at any time in the Manage Résumés section.

Please refer to How to Enable or Disable Résumé Search Quick Guide. When posting your résumé to WorkSource, you will be asked to choose at least one of the "Contact Information" options. To maximize your personal privacy, we suggest that you select "Show E-mail Address" only. When you enter your résumé text, it is not necessary to include your address, phone number, or other personal information unless you prefer to have this information shown. If you do not have an e-mail address, you can obtain one at no cost - see Free E-mail Providers. For more information, see the Privacy Notice and the Use Agreement.

How should I format my résumé?

Do not use tabs. They are ignored by web browsers, and behave unpredictably in e-mail programs. Avoid trying to indent or center text using the spacebar. Keep all lines left justified against the page, and use line breaks to separate headings and sections. Don't rely on exact positioning of text using spaces or specific fonts. The font that you use to create your résumé is not necessarily the same font that will be used to display it on the Internet or in an employer's e-mail program.

To emphasize a word or words, use ALL CAPS, or surround the text using *asterisks* or #other characters#. For bulleted lists, use the asterisk (*), hyphen (-), plus sign (+) or a similar character. Keep in mind that long lines of text may wrap underneath the bullets. Don't try to control the width of lines using carriage returns. If you allow your text to wrap normally, it will look consistently good even if the browser window is re-sized.

How do I use html tags?

The Bold (<b>) and Italic (<i>) tags are allowed in the body of your résumé, and will be interpreted by the browser. Please note that all other HTML tags will be removed before the résumé is posted. If you choose to include HTML tags, you should look carefully when you preview the résumé to check the formatting before submitting your résumé to WorkSource. Although it is relatively easy to learn the basics of HTML, this feature is intended for our advanced users, and an HTML tutorial is beyond the scope of this document. For more information on how to use HTML tags, visit your favorite search engine and look up "HTML Tutorial".


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