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Manage Résumés FAQs

How do I edit my résumé?

After logging in to your account, find the résumé you wish to edit on the Manage Résumés tab. Click on the Update Résumé button which will take you to the Edit Résumé page. After making your changes, click on Preview Résumé at the bottom of the page to check for any text or formatting errors. To save your edited résumé, click Post Résumé to WorkSource at the bottom of the preview page.

Why did I receive a message from WorkSource, informing me that my résumé will expire if I do not update my account?

Your résumé stays active in our database for only 180 days. You will receive a system-generated warning notice 30 days before your résumé reaches its scheduled deactivation date. If deactivated, you will no longer be able to access your résumé or use it to apply for jobs. We encourage you to log in to the Résumé Center and update your résumé periodically. This will extend the "active" status of your résumé for another 180 days.

How many résumés can I have?

You can post up to five résumés and one application, each one identified by its unique résumé title. Having more than one active résumé at a time is ideal if you are interested in working in more than one field. Each of your résumés may be enabled or disabled for employer search. For more information on working with multiple résumés, click on Résumé Help located on the left menu bar. Create a resume or application by closing this window then clicking Post Résumé or Manage Résumés in your MyWorkSource account.

What does "Enable Search" or "Disable Search" mean?

You may enable your resume to allow it to be available for résumé searches when registered employers search for job candidates. You may also disable your résumé to prevent it from being available to registered employers. You may enable or disable your résumé or application as you create it, or you may update this designation later from Manage Résumés in your MyWorkSource account.

How long will my résumé stay on Go2WorkSource?

Your résumé is initially active for 180 days. But you may update it at any time, which restarts the 180-day count, by using the Manage Résumés feature in your MyWorkSource account, located on the left menu bar after closing this window.

How can I maximize the hits on my resume?

Use enough key words to define your skills, experience, education, professional affiliations, etc. Be sure that each of your most marketable skills is mentioned at least once.

  • Use abbreviations and acronyms specific to your industry. Spell out the acronyms for human readers. This will ensure that your résumé comes up whether the employer searches by the abbreviation or the full word. Example: RN, Registered Nurse.
  • Increase your list of keywords by including specifics. For example, list the names of software you use, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, C++, etc.
  • Use common headings, such as: Objective, Skills, Experience, Work History, Employment History, Positions Held, Education, Summary of Qualifications, Accomplishments, Strengths, Professional Affiliations, Publications, Papers, Licenses, Certifications, Honors, Technical Skills, Personal, Miscellaneous, etc.
  • Be sure to include a clear Objective statement that tells employers what kind of job you are looking for. This is especially important if you have many different skills or experience in different fields.
  • Describe your experience with concrete words rather than vague descriptions. For example, it's better to use "managed a team of 7 software engineers", rather than "responsible for managing, training Be concise and truthful.
  • Use more than one page if necessary. If you have extra space, describe your personal traits and attitude. Key points could include: skilled in time management, dependable, high energy, leadership, quick learner, self-starter, professional, team player, etc.

How do I protect my privacy?

Any resume or application you create and save to WorkSource may be hidden from registered employer searches for candidates and still be used to apply for jobs. If you choose to enable your resume for employer searches, your résumé and the contact information you select in your registration will be viewable online by any registered employer who conducts a resume search. If you do not want your résumé to be included in résumé search results, you can choose "NO" in Enable Search as you create or update the resume or in the résumés section of your WorkSource account.

When posting your résumé to Go2WorkSource, you will be asked to choose at least one of the "Contact Information" options. To maximize your personal privacy, we suggest you select your name and e-mail address only. When you enter your résumé later on, it will not be necessary to include your address, phone number, or other personal information unless you prefer to have this information shown. For more information about protecting your privacy, see the Privacy Notice and the Data Sharing Notice.

If you would like to have an e-mail account, each of the services listed below offers free e-mail accounts accessible through any computer connected to the Internet. It takes about 15 minutes or less to sign up and get your account.

Yahoo Mail | Hotmail

False job postings are listed online and used to illegally collect personal information from unsuspecting job seekers. How can Job Seekers be protected from false information like this?

Go2WorkSource staff review Job listings daily. If any of the following conditions apply, the job may be removed from the WorkSource database, with or without notice:

  • You are required to pay a significant monetary investment.
  • You are charged a fee.
  • The position you are applying for is involved in a labor dispute.
  • The job order contains illegal, offensive, or unsuitable content.
  • The job specifications are discriminatory based on sex, national origin or citizenship, religion, language, or age, unless supported by a federal or state law or by a Bona Fide Occupational Qualification.
  • The job site is not within Washington state or the surrounding area.
  • The job listing is vague, redundant, out of date, or inappropriate for some other reason as determined by WorkSource staff or by complaints from users of

It is the employer's responsibility to provide contact information so that job seekers may apply for the job directly, and to ensure that all applicable laws and regulations, including the guidelines outlined here, are followed. Here are some important tips to use when dealing with prospective employers:

  • Do not give your social security number, even if they suggest that it is for a "routine background check."
  • Do not provide credit card or bank numbers, or engage in any monetary transactions.
  • Do not provide any non-work related personal information (i.e. social security number, eye color, marital status etc.) over the phone or online.
  • Be cautious when dealing with contacts outside of your own country.
  • Find out how to fight Online Fraud.

If you see a questionable job posting or site activity, or if you find a duplicate job that appears more than once, a job that is still listed even though it has been closed, or a job that violates our Job Posting Guidelines, you can Contact Us at the Go2WorkSource Help Desk, and report it using the Feedback Form.

If you think you have been a victim of fraud, immediately report the event to your local WorkSource office or Dept of Labor and Industries office, the police, or you may contact the Help Desk by clicking the Contact Us tab, from the Go2WorkSource menu bar located at the top of every page.


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