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Write a cover letter

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Remember, your goal is to show your value to the employer. Keep the following key points in mind when writing each letter:

Show your interest

Whenever possible, research each employer's organization and then personalize the letter. When you indicate that you know something about the organization, it shows that you are seriously interested in the employer. This approach is much more effective than sending out hundreds of identical form letters.

Highlight one or two of your most significant accomplishments or abilities

This draws immediate attention to your most impressive skills. It also demonstrates that you are an above average candidate, which increases your chances of being remembered.

Be brief

This shows you understand the value of the reader's time.

Be persuasive

Don't just describe your background - your résumé takes care of that. Be clear about your objectives and make the employer want to take a closer look at your résumé.

Use a positive tone

The letter should be written in a very clear and positive manner. Do not add details about yourself, your past experiences, or your education that may call attention to your weaknesses or raise questions about your confidence or ability to do the job.

Use powerful action verbs

By using the active voice, you will grab the reader's interest and convey a sense of energy.

Organize your information for the reader

Group similar items together in paragraphs and then organize the paragraphs so they relate to each other logically. Avoid writing that lumps together unrelated information without a strong topic sentence.

Avoid jargon and clichés

It is tempting to use ready made phrases such as "self-starter," "proven leadership skills," "excellent interpersonal skills," but using today's buzzwords can suggest parroted formulas rather than original thought.


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