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WorkSource Application Form FAQs

What is the Go2WorkSource Application form?

The Go2WorkSource Application form is a standard generic application form that can be completed and saved along with your résumés in your MyWorkSource account. The Application form should only be submitted to jobs where the employer has indicated applications are accepted or specifically requested. Only one application form can be saved in your MyWorkSource account.

You may also use a Microsoft Word document version of the WorkSource Application Form (also called the generic application) for some positions listed by WorkSource offices. You can complete and save the Microsoft Word document for future use. It is also available in a Spanish Version.

Should I use an Application form or résumé?

A résumé is recommended unless an application is specifically requested. The only jobs that you will apply for using your saved application are jobs listed by a WorkSource office. The job IDs for these job listings start with WA. You will see the How to Request a Referral button in the How to Apply section, when applying for these jobs.

When you save this type of listing to your Prospects Folder, you will be asked to select the Application Title for your saved application. If you do not have an application saved in your MyWorkSource account, you may do so by clicking on the Fill out the WorkSource Application Form button.  *See how to post a WorkSource Application below.

How should I post an Application form?

See Post a Go2WorkSource Application Form


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