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Job search strategies FAQs

How do I use Site Search?

Site Search is a fast way to locate information on any page of the web site. You will find the site search link on the menu bar at the top of each Go2WorkSource page. After entering one or more words into the search field, click on the Site Search button to find pages containing that word or words.

How do I find the WorkSource Office directory?

You will find a link to WorkSource offices at the top of every Go2WorkSource page.

What is the best way to use Go2WorkSource to find a job?

There is a wide variety of helpful resources available on to assist with your job search. You can access these resources on the left menu bar under the MyWorkSource heading. You will need to register or log in to an existing account before you can access these features:

  • Develop and store up to 5 résumés and a generic application
  • Develop and store cover letters
  • Apply online to job listings
  • View Classified ads
  • Create customized searches and job scouts

See the WorkSource Quick Guides for more information.

Can I get special help finding employment if I am a military Veteran?

WorkSource Centers have staff who work specifically with veterans and eligible relatives to address the unique needs of veterans such as transferring military skills to civilian employment. In addition to providing employment assistance, WorkSource markets the advantages of hiring veterans to local businesses and connects veterans to services that help with health care, food, clothing or housing. WorkSource offers free workshops for veterans and provides skills and interest assessments to aid in job training and career preparation. Call or visit a WorkSource office for more information.

Where can I go to research a particular company?

To research Washington State employers visit Employment & economic info. To research employers in the United States visit CareerInfoNet.

How do I get my résumé online and how do I update it?

There are two methods available for posting your résumé on Go2WorkSource. You may use the copy and paste method for an existing plain text résumé. This method is best when you have a résumé saved elsewhere on your computer or on a disk. You may also type your résumé directly into the space provided. Another method is to use the résumé Builder; this gives you a step-by-step process to follow. This method is best when you do not already have a plain text résumé or when you are not sure of how to display your résumé online. See Résumé Help for more information.

To update your résumé:

  • After logging in, click Manage résumés on the left menu bar under My WorkSource.
  • Find the résumé you wish to update on the list below the "My WorkSource résumés" heading.
  • Click on Update Résumé.
  • Make any desired changes.
  • Click on the Preview Résumé button.
  • Click on Post résumé to WorkSource.

How can I be chosen for an interview when I am competing with hundreds of other job seekers?

The best way to compete with hundreds of other job seekers for an interview is to write a concise, specific, Summary Statement stating the type of work you want to do. When you have more than one career path that you want to pursue, you may enter up to 5 different résumés in the system. Each résumé should have a Summary Statement that supports you being in that Occupational Category. Your résumé content should support and relate to your Summary Statement. Your Summary Statement should support and relate to your selected occupational title. See Résumé Help for more information.

When an employer does a résumé search to find the best qualified job seekers for a position, they enter a description of the position into the Keyword Search or they make a selection from the Occupational Category or they may use a combination of both, entering terms that specifically state what they are looking for. A list of Summary Statements will appear to the employer, matching the criteria from the employer's search. The employer can now select the résumés they want to review based on what they read in the Summary Statement.

How do I update and/or change my summary statement?

To update or change a Summary Statement:

  • After logging in, click Manage résumés on the left menu bar under My WorkSource.
  • Find the résumé you wish to update on the list below the "My WorkSource Résumés" heading.
  • Click on Update résumé.
  • Make any desired changes to your Summary Statement. A maximum of 80 characters, including spaces, are allowed.
  • Click on the Preview résumé button making sure that your entry reads well.
  • Click on Post résumé to WorkSource.

I have worked for many years and qualify for several different types of work. I have always used a generic résumé so I could use it for any kind of job I wanted to apply for, but since I went online I am not getting any response.

Posting a generic résumé is not always the most effective strategy to use when searching for work in several different occupations. It is best to create multiple résumés that are suitable to each occupational category that you qualify for. WorkSource allows you to create and maintain up to 5 résumés at one time. For assistance developing your résumés, click on résumé Help on the left menu bar and then click on Résumé Writing on the top menu bar. Your local WorkSource Office also offers free Résumé Writing Workshops. To locate an office near you, see WorkSource Offices.

How do I find jobs to apply for on the internet?

To find job listings on, use the Quick Job Search tab on the home page or click the Quick Job Search link on the left menu bar on any other page on the Web site. For more information, see Job Search Help.

How can I select more than one occupational category when doing a job search?

If you would like to search more than one occupational category at a time, use the Advanced Job Search tab. Under the Select Job Type heading, choose one or more occupational categories that apply to the type of work you are seeking. To select more than one item, hold down the Ctrl (PC) or Command (Macintosh) key while clicking in the list. To choose a specific occupation within a category, click the "Select a Specific Occupation" button.

How do I use keyword search?

On the Quick Job Search tab of the home page, you can limit your search to find only job listings that contain special Key Words in the job title or description. Simply type one or more search terms (the words or phrase that best describe the information you want to find) into the Keyword search box and click on the Search for Jobs button. You can select any one of these Key Word search options:

All Words, ANY Words and As a PHRASE If you enter more than one word, selecting one of these options will determine how the keywords you entered should be compared against jobs when searching. ALL words will return only jobs that contain at least one occurrence of each keyword you entered. ANY words will return all jobs that contain at least one occurrence of at least one of the keywords you entered. As a PHRASE will return only jobs that contain the exact phrase that you typed.

Words should be separated by spaces. Do not use Boolean search operators such as "AND", "OR", or "NOT". They will be interpreted literally and treated as keywords. Instead, use the ALL, ANY and PHRASE options below the Keywords box.

If you aren't sure which key words to use, try experimenting with the O*NET Code Connector.

What is the use of a Prospects Folder?

The Prospects Folder is like a shopping cart. Once you have selected your search criteria using the Quick Search or Advanced Search, you may select a Job Title to be directed to that jobs description. Your job search selections may produce jobs that you would like to apply for now or save for later review. By clicking on the Save to Prospects Folder and Return to Search Results button, near the bottom of the job description, you will save this job to your Prospects Folder for later viewing and return to the Search Results to continue your search.

You can access your saved jobs at any time by clicking the Jobs in Prospects Folder icon found at the top of your screen. Your jobs will be saved in your Prospects Folder until you remove them. Make sure the box to the left of the job title is checked if you want to apply for this job. To remove a job, uncheck the box next to the job title. Please remember, WorkSource staff will not be able to recover jobs once they have been removed from your Prospects Folder.

You may select a different résumé for each job checked. Click the "Continue Apply Online Process" to proceed to the next step in the application process. We recommend that during your job search you keep this folder updated with only job listings that you are going to apply to in the very near future.

What should I put on my résumé, I have years and years of working experience; I don't know what to put in and what to leave out.

See Getting Started: Write Your Résumé

How do I write a résumé? I don't know where to begin.

See Getting Started: Write Your Résumé

What happens to my résumé when I apply online?

When applying online, your résumé will be emailed to the employer who listed the job. An auto-generated message will instantly be sent to your email address confirming that your résumé/application was sent. After the employer has received your résumé, it is their decision whether or not to respond to you.

What are the best web sites for information about careers and employment?

Try these resources to enhance your job search:

  • Classified Ads - Classified Ads collected from newspapers throughout Washington State.
  • Government Jobs - The official site for Washington State Government job listings and employment information.
  • Job Boards - A Collection of the some of the largest Job Boards available today.
  • Job Fair Calendar - All events listed here are free and open to the public.
  • Job Hunter Workshops - These workshops are available at no cost in most WorkSource Career Centers on topics such as "Orientation and Job Search Preparation", "Skills and Abilities", "The Hidden Job Market", and "résumé Writing".
  • Training Programs - Do you qualify for a Training Program?
  • Career Resources - Tools that will assist you in researching the job market, assess and upgrade your job skills and resources to help financial obligations.
  • Apprenticeship Programs - Information on apprenticeship openings received from registered apprenticeship programs.

I have noticed that there are a number of job listings on that were posted a year or more ago. Are these job listings out-of date and how long can jobs remain on your site?

Job listings on are managed by registered employers who determine the length of time the listing is to remain active in the system. Most jobs are listed for 2-4 weeks, but they may remain longer if the employer has an ongoing recruitment need for a particular position. WorkSource doesn't place a limit on how long a job listing may remain in the system. Employers are responsible for removing their own job listings when they no longer want to receive résumés. You can tell how long a job will remain online by looking at the Listed By and/or Last Modified On and the Closes On dates, found at the top of each job listing.

Job listings are reviewed daily by WorkSource staff, so if it is determined that a listing is out of date, the employer will be contacted and encouraged to update or remove the listing. If you know of a job on that you believe should be closed, contact us by closing this window then clicking on Contact Us in the blue menu bar at the top of the page.

What are the System Requirements?

WorkSource uses 128-bit SSL Encryption to secure pages with sensitive content. Most browsers will negotiate a lower level of encryption automatically if 128-bit is not supported, however, the WorkSource site will force a minimum of 40-bit. 128-bit encryption is several quadrillion times stronger than 40-bit, so you are strongly encouraged to upgrade if your browser does not already support it. This section contains instructions for checking the encryption strength supported by your browser.

I got a message "GENERATED MESSAGE - DO NOT REPLY" Shouldn't I do something?

When you receive a message such as this; it is an automated, read only message alerting you about time sensitive information and asking you not to respond. When you open the message you will find instructions about what to do. To contact the Go2WorkSource Help Desk call (360) 407-1389 during business hours Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time.

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