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Where can I find a WorkSource Generic Application form?

The WorkSource Generic Application form is required to apply for some jobs listed by WorkSource offices. This form is a Microsoft Word document that you can download here. Fill it out and take it in to the WorkSource office to apply for these jobs. There is also a Spanish version.

How do I find jobs that are listed by employers who give veterans preference when making employment decisions?

A new state law allows employers to give preference to veterans when making hiring decisions. When employers post jobs on Go2WorkSource, they have the option of indicating veterans preference in their job listing. For these listings, the "Other Information" section of the "Job Details" page will display this statement: "Employer gives preference to veterans in employment decisions for this job".

You can conduct a special search on Go2WorkSource for veterans preference job listings by checking the "Veterans Preference Only" box in Quick Job Search or Advanced Job Search. Your search will then return only jobs for which the employer gives preference to veterans in employment decisions.

Do I need to be logged in to save jobs to my Prospects Folder?

Yes, you must be registered and logged in to your account in order to save jobs to the Prospects Folder.

How do I use Keyword Search?

On the Quick Job Search tab of the home page, you can limit your search to find only job listings that contain special Key Words in the job title or description. Simply type one or more search terms (the words or phrase that best describe the information you want to find) into the Keyword search box and click on the Search for Jobs button. You can select any one of these Key Word search options:

All Words, ANY Words and As a PHRASE - If you enter more than one word, selecting one of these options will determine how the keywords you entered should be compared against jobs when searching. ALL words will return only jobs that contain at least one occurrence of each keyword you entered. ANY words will return all jobs that contain at least one occurrence of at least one of the keywords you entered. As a PHRASE will return only jobs that contain the exact phrase that you typed.

Words should be separated by spaces. Do not use Boolean search operators such as "AND", "OR", or "NOT". They will be interpreted literally and treated as keywords. Instead, use the ALL, ANY and PHRASE options below the Keywords box.

If you arent sure which key words to use, try experimenting with the O*NET Code Connector.

What does "All Words, Any Words and As a Phrase" mean?

All Words - Search results contain all the keywords.

Any Words - Search results contain one or more of the keywords.

As a Phrase - Search results contain the exact phrase.

Can I select more than one occupation when doing a search?

Yes, you may select more than one occupation when doing a job search, however, only the Advanced Job Search is capable of this feature. To select more than one occupation simply hold down the CTRL button while selecting the occupations you are interested in.

How can I narrow down my search to get a shorter list of jobs?

To narrow down your job search, select the Advanced Job Search tab. This search allows you to be specific in the criteria you select for your search. Choose one specific location, one occupational title and enter a keyword or key phrase. In doing this, you will view only the jobs that meet the criteria you entered.

What types of jobs are allowed to be posted on Go2WorkSource?

All types of jobs are listed on Go2WorkSource; however they must comply with the WorkSource Job Posting Guidelines, and federal and state laws. To learn more about our guidelines and agency policies see the Job Posting Guidelines.

I found a listing that does not appear to be a "real" job. Should I report it?

Yes, if you find a job listing that you think may not be a real job, a duplicate job listing or a job listing that is listed even though it has been closed, please report it to us using the Contact Us link found at the top of any Go2WorkSource screen. All job listings must adhere to the Job Posting Guidelines.

Who is allowed to post jobs on Go2WorkSource?

WorkSource staff and approved employers can post jobs on Go2WorkSource. Employers are carefully screened through an Employer Registration process and, if approved, may post jobs online. All jobs listed on Go2WorkSource must adhere to the Job Posting Guidelines. Employers who wish to remain completely anonymous can request that WorkSource staff post and screen jobs listings for them. These services are funded through the State of Washington and are free of charge. To request this service, contact your local WorkSource Office.

Some of the jobs were posted a long time ago. How long can they stay in Go2WorkSource?

Job listings on Go2WorkSource are managed by registered employers who determine the length of time the listing will active in the system. Most jobs are listed for 2-4 weeks, but they may remain longer if the employer has an ongoing recruitment need for a particular position. WorkSource doesnt place a limit on how long a job listing may remain in the system. Employers are responsible for removing their own job listings when they no longer want to receive résumés. You can tell how long a job will remain online by looking at the Listed By and/or Last Modified On and the Closes On dates, found at the top of each job listing. Job listings are reviewed daily by WorkSource staff, so if it is determined that a listing is out of date, the employer will be contacted and encouraged to update or remove the listing. If you know of a job listing that you believe should be closed, please close this window then click on Contact Us in the blue menu bar located at the top of any Go2WorkSource screen.

How do I find a job quickly if I know the Job Number?

If you want to conduct a job search by using the Job ID Number, click on Job ID Search and enter the WorkSource Job Number in the space provided.

Can I use the Internet to search for Help Wanted ads in the classified advertising section of my local newspaper?

Yes, we list statewide local newspapers on Go2WorkSource. You can find a link to Classified Ads under Job Links on the left menu bar.

Where can I find government job listings?

Links to Washington State, Local and Federal Government Jobs can be found under Job Links on the left menu bar.

Should I use other online Job Boards like

WorkSource provides a list of Northwest Region, National, and Specialty job boards on the left menu bar.

We recommend that you use as many of these types of resources as you need to conduct a successful job search.


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