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Career Information FAQs

Where can I find information about job fairs and career workshops?

Look for the Job Fair Calendar link on the right side of the home page under Whats Inside. The link will take you to information about Job Fairs, WorkSource Workshops, and Ongoing Career Events. You can also find information about career events and workshops by clicking on the WorkSource Offices link found at the top of every page. Click on the map to find a WorkSource office in your area. Many of the WorkSource offices have links to local websites with more information.

Where do I find programs for persons with disabilities?

WorkSource promotes job counseling, the development of employment opportunities and placement for persons with disabilities. Special services including testing, auxiliary communication aids, reasonable accommodation, and discrimination prevention are available. Persons with disabilities receive priority service for job referral, employment counseling and job development.

Every WorkSource Center has a local Disability Placement Specialist to act on behalf of persons with disabilities to provide and advocate for services. Persons with physical, mental, or sensory disabilities are given special attention and equal opportunities in employment. Call or visit a WorkSource Center for more information. You will also find information about Programs for Persons with Disabilities by clicking on Training Programs on the left menu bar under the Career Links heading.

Where do I find information about programs for ex-offenders?

Employment services are available for ex-offenders who have been released to the community at WorkSource Centers, community justice centers and various community-based organizations located in many areas in the state. Services include job seeking skill instruction, skill assessments, education and training, job development, job referral and job placement.

Within Department of Corrections facilities, services for criminal offenders include pre-employment skills training, connections to re-entry services in the community, and a unique transition class called Getting it Right.

Where do I find information about programs for older workers?

You will find a Programs for Older Adults link by clicking on Training Programs on the left menu bar under the Career Links heading. This will take you to the U.S Department of Labor, Employment and Training website for more information. For more information, contact a local WorkSource Office.

Where do I find information about programs for displaced homemakers and dislocated workers?

You can find out about the Displaced Homemaker Program at the Washington State Board For Community & Technical Colleges website. You can also find information about Dislocated Worker programs by clicking on Training Programs on the left menu bar of the Go2WorkSource home page under the Career Links heading. Click on the Dislocated Worker Programs link to find out if you qualify for Dislocated Worker program services.

What is "median wage"?

Median wage is the middle, midpoint, norm, standard, or average wage in a calculated set of wages and is located somewhere between the high and low and differs from industry to industry. To research your industry, look on the left menu bar of this page under Career Links and select Occupational Info.

Where can I find information about training programs?

You can find information about Training Programs on the left menu bar under Career Links. If you already have an occupation in mind but lack the skills that you need, click on the Training Programs link to access a list of state training programs or contact a WorkSource Center.

I was laid off from my last job and am having difficulty finding a new one. Where can I go for help?

Your local WorkSource Center offers a number of resources to help you find the job that is right for you. Most centers conduct workshops tailored to current job trends, that can help you assess your job skills or training options, write a resume, or search for jobs.

To locate Career information, assess and upgrade your skills or learn how to deal with layoffs visit the WorkSource Office Directory found at the top of every Go2WorkSource page.

Where can I get information about Apprenticeship programs?

To find information about Apprenticeship Programs in Washington State, on the left menu bar under Career Links, select Training Programs where you will find a link to Apprenticeship Programs. This link will take you to Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

Can I volunteer while I am job searching and collecting unemployment benefits?

While you collect unemployment benefits, you can make a positive difference in your life and in your community by volunteering your time and skills to help others. Volunteer work builds experience for your résumé and expands your list of community employment contacts. It may even be seen as a positive reflection on your personal values.

The skill sets you use and learn in volunteer work could turn into a job offer or a career change in the future. Volunteering will not affect your unemployment benefits as long as you meet the regular work-search and availability requirements. For more information about volunteering, go to or


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