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Apply for Jobs in Prospects Folder

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This article describes how to apply for jobs saved to the Prospects Folder.

  1. Click on the Jobs in Prospects Folder icon at the top of the page. If you haven't logged in you will be prompted to do so.

 Prospects Folder

  1. View your Prospects Folder where your saved jobs are stored for your review. The Prospects Folder is separated into sections according to how the employer wants your application handled:
  • Apply Online: WorkSource will forward your selected résumé directly to the employer, or
  • Contact Employer to Apply: Return to the job description to see specific application instructions

Apply Online Section

Jobs saved in this section can be applied for online with your résumé.

  • If you have more than one résumé in the system, select which résumé you would like to send from the "Select Résumé to send" drop down menu.
  • Check the box beside the job(s) you wish to apply for with this selected résumé.
  • Click the Apply Now button.

Apply Online Section

Contact Employers to Apply Section

Jobs saved in this section require you follow the employers specific application instructions noted in the job listing.

  • Click on the job title to return to the job where you can follow the application instructions.

Contact Employer to Apply section

  1. If you wish to remove jobs from your Prospects Folder, uncheck the box then click the Remove Unchecked Jobs button.


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