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Apply for Jobs FAQs

Where can I find a WorkSource Generic Application form?

The WorkSource Generic Application form is required to apply for some jobs listed by WorkSource offices. This form is a Microsoft Word document that you can download here. Fill it out and take it in to the WorkSource office to apply for these jobs. There is also a Spanish version.

Can employers give preference to veterans when making hiring decisions?

A bill that permits employers to give veterans preference in employment decisions was signed into on April 20, 2012, by Gov. Christine Gregoire. House Bill 1432, sponsored by Rep. Jay Rodne, allows private employers to establish preferences in employment for veterans, widows or widowers of veterans, and spouses of certain veterans. As a result of the legislation, Washington is the first state in the nation to enact this kind of employment preference for veterans.

Under the Washington Law Against Discrimination (WLAD), it is an unfair practice to discriminate in employment based on age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, race, creed, color, national origin, honorably discharged veteran or military status, sexual orientation, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, or the use of a trained guide dog or service animal by a person with a disability. The preferences established under House Bill 1432 are not considered violations of the WLAD or any state or local equal employment opportunity law.

Do I need to be logged in before I can apply online for jobs?

Yes, you must be registered and logged in to use the "Apply Online" feature. When viewing jobs while logged in to your account, you will see a "Apply Online Now" button in the How to Apply section of the job listing. If you are not logged in to the system, you will see a "Log in and Apply Online Now" button.

The instructions for some jobs say "How to Apply," but others say "How to Request a Referral." What is the difference?

WorkSource employers post jobs on Go2WorkSource in two ways. The first method is used by employers who wish to have applicants apply to them directly. When viewing these job listings, you will see a How to Apply section at the bottom of the listing with contact information for the hiring employer. The Job ID for this type of job always starts with the letters WS or WX.

The second method is used by employers who request that applicants apply to a WorkSource office where they are pre-screened. These jobs are listed by a WorkSource office and contact information for the hiring employer is not shown. Only the most qualified applicants are referred to the employer. When viewing these job listings, you will see a How to Request a Referral section at the bottom of the listing. The Job ID for this type of job listing always starts with the letters WA.

What happens when I apply online for a job?

When you apply online for a job with a Job ID that starts with the letters WX, you will be directed to apply at the web site of the employer who posted the listing. When you apply online for a job with a Job ID that starts with the letters WS, your résumé is electronically sent via email to the employer for review. There is no limit to the number of WX or WS jobs you can apply for.

Why am I not getting a response from employers after applying online?

When you apply online for a job, your résumé goes directly to the employer for review. After receiving your résumé, it is up to the employer to decide whether or not to contact you. Many employers choose not to contact all of the job seekers who applied for their job. Most choose to contact only the applicants considered to be the best-qualified candidates. WorkSource cannot require employers to contact every job seeker who applies for a job.

If you are not receiving the positive responses you would like, you may want to contact your local WorkSource Office and ask about a free résumé writing workshop.

Why can't I apply online for jobs in the "Contact Employer to Apply" section at the bottom of my Prospects Folder?

For various reasons, some employers prefer to have applicants apply for their jobs directly by phone, fax, mail or through their web site rather than accepting online applications. 

Can I apply online for a job more than once?

WorkSource does not allow you to apply online for the same job more than once per week. If you try to re-apply for a job before a week has passed, the system will display an error message informing you of this rule. You should not attempt to apply online for the same job more than once, unless there has been a significant change to your résumé, the job was closed and re-opened or the employer has requested that you submit a new résumé.

You will receive a confirmation statement every time you apply online from Go2WorkSource. Keep these confirmation messages as a reminder of what jobs you have applied for to avoid applying by mistake to the same job listing more than once. If you have updated your résumé and need to re-apply for the same job, as long as the job is still open, you can email, hand deliver, fax or mail your updated résumé to the listing employer. Be sure to indicate the Job Title and Job ID at the top of your résumé before sending it.

Is there a way to get a list of all the jobs I have applied online for?

After logging in to your account, click on the "Job Search History" link on the left menu bar under MyWorkSource. You will see a report that shows the jobs you have applied for online through over the past 12 month period. You will not see entries for jobs you have applied for through other job boards or classified ad resources listed on Go2WorkSource.

You can customize your Job Search History report by entering desired start and end dates. WorkSource will display the date of application(s), job ID, job title, employer or company name, action taken, and results, if available for each job (note: WorkSource does not require employers to report the status of your application to WS and WX jobs). You may reference your Job Search History tab to help complete an Unemployment Insurance Job Search Log,

I have posted several résumés. How do I choose which one to send when applying online for a job?

WorkSource provides support for multiple résumés. You can post up to five résumés and one application form, each one identified by its unique résumé title. Having more than one résumé is ideal if you are interested in working in more than one field. For more information on working with multiple résumés, visit our Résumé Help page.

You can select a different occupational category for each résumé, if desired. When you access your Prospects Folder to apply for a job, you can then select the appropriate résumé you would like to send from the "Select Résumé to Send" drop down menu.

What will happen when I click Apply Now in the Prospects Folder? Do I still need to send my résumé to the employer?

When applying from the Jobs in Prospects Folder, you can select a different résumé or application for each job listing you have selected. Click "Continue Apply Online Process" to proceed to the next step in the application process. To attach a cover letter, click on the "Add a Cover Letter" button. If you don't want to add a cover letter, select the "Apply Online Now" button, which sends your résumé directly to the employer. You will receive an email message confirming your application if you provided an email address when you registered.

If you do not have an e-mail account and would like to have one, each of the services listed below offers free e-mail accounts that are accessible through any computer connected to the Internet. It takes about 15 minutes to sign up and get your account. (Yahoo Mail | Hotmail)

What about jobs listed at the bottom of the page? How do I apply for them?

You cannot apply online for jobs in the More Saved Jobs section of your Prospects Folder. The employers who posted these jobs prefer that you apply by mail, fax, email, in-person or via the employer's website rather than online. For these jobs, read the How to Apply instructions at the bottom of the job listing to find out how to apply for the position.

Why does the Prospects Folder say "No jobs selected" instead of displaying my saved job search results?

The WorkSource web site uses cookies and JavaScript to store job listings that you have saved to the Prospects Folder. If cookies and JavaScript have been disabled for your web browser, you will not be able to save jobs to the Prospects Folder. Click here for information about enabling cookies and JavaScript.

How can I apply online using my saved résumé?

You can review and apply for your saved jobs by clicking on the "Jobs in Prospects Folder" icon found at the top of each page. The Prospects Folder has three methods for applying for jobs that you have saved to your folder, according to how the employer wants your application handled. If you wish to remove jobs from your Prospects Folder, uncheck the box then click the "Remove Unchecked Jobs" button.

Apply Online
This feature will forward your selected résumé or application directly to the employer. If you have more than one résumé in the system, select which one you would like to send from the "Select Résumé to Send" drop down menu. Check the box beside the job(s) you wish to apply for with this selected résumé. Click the "Apply Now" button.

Contact Employers to Apply
These job listings require you to follow special instructions specified in the job listing. These employers prefer to have résumés mailed, faxed, emailed or hand carried directly to the employer. Jobs saved in this section require you to follow the employer's specific application instructions noted in the job listing. Click on the job title to return to the job where you can follow the application instructions.

What do I do if I receive a confirmation message when I apply for a job?

When you apply for a job on Go2WorkSource, you will receive a system-generated message to confirm that your selected résumé or application was sent to the employer. A confirmation message is sent to you every time you apply online from Go2WorkSource. You will find a list of all jobs you applied for online by clicking on the "Job Search History" tab in your MyWorkSource account.

How do I apply Online manually

Some employers prefer not to allow job seekers to apply online for their jobs. This type of job will include instructions in the job listing on how to apply.

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