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Save Résumé Search Criteria

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This article describes how to create a Résumé Scout and Save Résumé Search criteria.

A Résumé Scout is a saved search that you set up to run automatically on a schedule you specify. The Résumé Scout will automatically scan the available résumés and send you a list of résumés that meet your criteria by e-mail. You may create up to 5 different Résumé Scouts and may edit or delete a Résumé Scout at any time.

  1. Click the Scouts/Saved Searches tab in your MyWorkSource account.
  2. Click Create New Scout or Saved Search.
  3. Under Select Location, select the geographical area(s) where you are seeking potential candidates.
  4. Under Select Job Type, select the occupational category(s) that best reflects the job skills you are looking for. To select more than one category, hold down your computers CTRL key and click each additional category.

Select Job Type

  1. Under Keywords, fill in word(s) that you would expect to find in résumés of interest to you. Example: Web Design. This will help narrow your search. You may specify how the keyword(s) are searched by selecting ALL words, ANY words, or As a PHRASE. Entering Keywords is optional.
  2. Check the "Veterans Only" checkbox if you would like your search results to include only resumes of job seekers who served in the U.S. Military Service.

Key Words 

  1. Under Format Options, select how many results you would like per page. The options are 25, 50, 100 and 250.
  2. Select how you would like your Search Results sorted. The options are by Relevance or Date. Sorting by Relevance will display candidates that best match your search criteria at the top of your search results list. Sorting by Date will display most recently posted résumés first.

Format Options

  1. Under Name This Saved Search, enter a title for your Saved Search.

Name This Saved Search

  1. Select Yes if you wish to create a Résumé Scout for your Saved Search.  A Résumé Scout will run your Saved Search automatically on the frequency you set and will email the results to you after each run.
  2. Click the Create Saved Search button.
  3. You will be directed to the My Saved Searches page. Your saved search is now complete.

Any time you wish to view, update or delete your Saved Search, simply access your My Saved Searches page in your WorkSource account.

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