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Save Résumés to the Candidates Folder

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This article describes how to save résumés to the Candidates Folder in your MyWorkSource account.

After completing a résumé search, click on a résumé summary statement to display the résumé detail page. At the top and bottom of the résumé, you will find two links to the Candidates Folder:

  1. Click Save to Candidates Folder to save the résumé to your Candidates Folder without interrupting your search session, or
  2. Click Save and View Candidates Now to send you to your Candidates Folder where you will see the résumé just saved as well as any others you have saved there.

You may access résumés saved to your Candidates Folder at any time you are logged in to your MyWorkSource account. Just click the Candidates Folder icon at the top of every page. You may be prompted to log in if you haven't already done so.

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