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Candidate Search FAQs

How do I find veterans if I prefer to give them preference in hiring?

A new state law allows employers to give preference to veterans when making hiring decisions.

You can conduct a special search for veteran job seekers on Go2WorkSource by checking the "Veterans Only" box when using Quick Résumé Search or Advanced Résumé Search. Your search will then return only résumés for veterans.

What is the Candidates Folder?

You may select job candidates from the résumé search results and save them in a Candidates Folder, somewhat like a shopping cart, for later viewing. To save a résumé to your Candidates Folder, click on the "Save to Candidates Folder" link at the top of each résumé. To access your Candidates Folder, log in to your MyWorkSource account and look for "Résumés in Candidates Folder" at the top of the page.

What is a Résumé Scout?

A Résumé Scout, created in Scouts/Saved Searches of your MyWorkSource account, is a saved search that you set up to run on a predetermined schedule, which will automatically scan résumés to meet your criteria and send you a list of the résumés. Registered employers may have a maximum of five Résumé Scouts and may schedule each Scout to run at a minimum frequency of weekly and a maximum frequency of monthly.

Your Résumé Scout results will be emailed to you. The results include résumé titles and summaries with a link to access job candidate résumés. You can save your Résumé Scout results to your Candidates Folder for later review.

How do I use Keyword Search?

On the Résumé Search tab, you can limit your search to find only résumés that contain special Key Words. Simply type one or more search terms (the words or phrase that best describe the information you want to find) into the Keyword search box and click on Search Résumés. You can select any one of these Key Word search options:

All Words, ANY Words and As a PHRASE - If you enter more than one word, selecting one of these options will determine how the keywords you entered should be compared against résumés when searching. ALL words will return only résumés that contain at least one occurrence of each keyword you entered. ANY words will return all résumés that contain at least one occurrence of at least one of the keywords you entered. As a PHRASE will return only résumés that contain the exact phrase that you typed.

Words should be separated by spaces. Do not use Boolean search operators such as "AND", "OR", or "NOT". They will be interpreted literally and treated as keywords. Instead, use the ALL, ANY and PHRASE options below the Keywords box.

If you aren't sure which key words to use, try experimenting with the O*NET Code Connector.


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