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Go2WorkSource Registration FAQs

What is

WorkSource Washington at is the State of Washington's official site for online employment services. Post a job, find job candidates, access labor market information and more..

Why should I register at Go2WorkSource?

Here are some of the many benefits of registering with WorkSource Washington:

  • Post and manage multiple job announcements
  • View a report of all applicants who have applied to each of your WorkSource job listings
  • Save your closed job announcements and re-open them at a later date
  • Save résumés of potential job candidates in your MyWorkSource Candidates Folder
  • Create and save customized résumé searches to find applicants with the skills you need
  • Create a WorkSource Résumé Scout which will launch your Saved Search whenever you decide and send results to your email in-box
  • Access your MyWorkSource account at any time at no cost

 Who can register for a Go2WorkSource employer account?

An employer operating in Washington State or a bordering area may register. An employer is a person, firm, corporation, or other association or organization that: (a) currently has a work site location within the state of Washington or a bordering labor market area in Alaska, Idaho, or Oregon, to which workers who are legally entitled to work in the United States may be referred for employment, and which proposes to employ a worker at that location within the next 60 days; and (b) has an employer relationship with respect to employees as indicated by the fact that the employer reports earnings to the IRS on form W-2, pays unemployment insurance taxes, hires, fires, pays, supervises, and otherwise controls the work of the employee.

How long will it take for my registration request to be processed?

Your request will be instantly approved when you provide your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) , Employment Security Department Tax ID number and a Unified Business Identifier number (UBI) and these numbers match our employer records. If you are unable to provide all three numbers, or one or more numbers does not match our employer records, your registration request will be processed within 1-3 business days. We will send you an emailed notice when the registration process is complete.

What are FEIN, UBI and ES Registration Numbers?

The Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) is the number the IRS uses to identify your company for tax purposes. Both the Unified Business Identifier (UBI) and the Employment Security Department Tax ID numbers are assigned as part of the Business License Application for employers in Washington State.

Can I register if I don't have a FEIN?

Yes, if your company meets certain criteria exempting it from having an FEIN, you may register with your Social Security Number. If you are not sure if you are required to have an FEIN, see Do you need an EIN?

How do I delete my employer registration?

To delete your WorkSource registration and any jobs, saved searches, and résumé scouts, log in to your MyWorkSource account, click Update Registration, and click the Delete button.

What services are available without registering?

A variety of services are available on the website without registering, these include:

  • Labor market information
  • Tax incentives and tax credit information
  • WorkSource Offices directory and contact information
  • Employment laws and regulations
  • Industrial Safety and Health Act (WISHA) information
  • Government resources for businesses

What services are available for employers who register with Go2WorkSource?

The following services are available to registered employers.

  • Search for résumés online
  • Create customized searches and résumé scouts
  • Save résumés of interest in your Candidates Folder
  • Post, manage, and save your job listings in your WorkSource account
  • Review online applications from job seekers
  • Manage multiple job postings

Are there restrictions on use of information I get from the Go2WorkSource website?

Yes, there are restrictions. Please click the links below for more information:

Privacy Notice
Data Sharing Notice
WorkSource Use Agreement
Equal Opportunity


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