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How to Post a Job

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This section describes how to Post a Job on

Note: Applicant résumés you receive from are not screened to ensure that applicants qualify for your jobs. By posting jobs here, you agree to accept the responsibility of screening applicants. If you prefer to receive applicants based on your requirements, contact a WorkSource business representative.

To post a job, you must be a registered employer and logged in to your WorkSource account.

Login tab of WorkSource home page

Review the Job Posting Guidelines if you are unfamiliar with them. When you are ready to post your job, click the Post a New Job button found under the Post/Manage Jobs tab.

Enter the Job Title that best describes the job you are posting.

Step 1 of Post a Job form

Enter the Job Description in the text box. You are limited to 4000 characters.

Job Description section of Post a Job form

Optional Job Data is not required but we encourage you to provide as much information as possible about the job to ensure potential candidates are a good match for the position. This section contains Pay Rate, Hours per Week, Educational Requirements, Licenses or Certification Requirements, and Skills Desired. In this section, you may also enter your company job ID or code to make it easier for you to identify the job.

Check the Veterans Preference checkbox if you would like to offer preference to veterans in employment decisions for the job being listed as allowed by a new state law.

Click Continue.

Optional Job Data 

Choose an Occupational Title by selecting from the list presented. These results are based on the job title, description, job skills, and certifications you have entered. Selecting the category and title of the closest match to the job you are posting will enable job seekers to find your job on the web site. If these selections do not adequately represent the job you are posting, go back to the Job Title and Job Description sections to add words that may be more descriptive of the job tasks. If you still cannot find an appropriate occupation on the list, you may select from a list of broad occupational categories by selecting "Click here if you do not find your job title".
Once you have made your selection, click Continue.

Select Occupation Code section of Post a Job form

Job Location
Enter the zip code of the work site location. If you are recruiting for a job with worksites in multiple locations, you may enter additional zip codes by clicking on the Additional Job Location link. Click Continue.

Step 2: Job Location section of Post a Job form

You will see the Job Location City(s), State(s), and Zip Code(s) entered from the previous page. Enter the Number of Openings for each worksite location. To delete a work site location, check the box next to the city and click the Delete checked locations button. Click Continue.

Number of Openings section of Post a Job form

Your company name will appear in the "Job Listed By" box. You may edit this information if the company name shown is not appropriate for recruiting purposes.

Step 3: Contact Information section of Post a Job form

Select which Contact Information you would like to appear on your job posting. At least one contact method must be selected. You may change the method pre-filled as well as the contact information.

  • Apply by E-mail (Recommended - Allows Job Seekers to apply online)
  • Apply by Mail
  • Apply by Phone
  • Apply by Fax
  • Apply by your Job URL. (Please enter the job application URL rather than the Company URL in the space provided)

If you want the name of a contact person to appear in the listing, include the name in the Job Contact Person field. 

Once you have made your selection, click Continue.

Contact Methods

Enter the number of days you wish this job to be available to job seekers in the Days to Remain Open space. You can enter a minimum of 1 or a maximum of 90 days, or the system will default to 30 days. You can update this information later.

Click Continue.

Step 4: Closing Date section of Post a Job form

The Job Posting Preview page shows you how your job will appear to Job Seekers. Use the "Edit" button below if you wish to make any changes to your posting, or click on "Submit this Job to WorkSource" if you wish to post this job as shown. You may also "Print Job Preview" if you wish to print a copy of your job posting.

Step 5: Preview section of Post a Job form

You will see a confirmation that your job was posted successfully. Upon confirmation, your job is immediately searchable by job seekers, and you will be asked, What would you like to do next?

Post a Job form confirmation screen

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