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Post a Job FAQs

Can I give preference to veterans when hiring for jobs I post on WorkSource?

A new state law allows employers to give preference to veterans when making hiring decisions. When you post jobs on Go2WorkSource, you have the option of indicating veterans preference in your job listing (see How to post a job, Step 1, Optional Job Data section). For these listings, job seekers will see this statement in the "Other Information" section of the "Job Details" page: "Employer gives preference to veterans in employment decisions for this job".

Job seekers can conduct a special search on Go2WorkSource for veterans preference job listings by checking the "Veterans Preference Only" box in Quick Job Search or Advanced Job Search. The search will return only jobs for which the employer gives preference to veterans in employment decisions.

Do I need to be registered and logged in to post jobs on

Yes, you need to register at to request a MyWorkSource employer account before you can post jobs or search résumés. To get to the registration form, click on the “Register” button on the employer home page. After reading the WorkSource Use Agreement, click on “I agree”, then fill out the information requested on the registration form.

Here are some of the many benefits of registering with WorkSource Washington at

  • Post and manage multiple job announcements.
  • View a report of all applicants who have applied to each of your WorkSource job listings.
  • Save your closed job announcements and re-open them at a later date.
  • Save résumés of potential job candidates in your MyWorkSource Candidates Folder.
  • Create and save customized résumé searches to find applicants with the skills you need.
  • Create a WorkSource Résumé Scout which will launch your Saved Search whenever you decide and send results to your email in-box.
  • Access your MyWorkSource account at any time to post job listings or search résumés at no cost.

What is the best way to get a job posted on

There are two ways to list jobs on

Self-service Job Posting

Go2WorkSource registration enables employers to post job listings independently. The Post/Manage Jobs tab in the My WorkSource account includes features such as monitoring the duration of the job, modify, copy, or close the job as needed, and view résumés sent by our job seekers. Posted jobs are saved for 18 months and may be reopened during that time. Read more about How to Register.

Staff-assisted Job Listing

The other method is to request assistance from a WorkSource Office to list your jobs. This type of listing enables you to keep your company name anonymous while WorkSource staff screen and refer applicants according to your specifications. Contact a WorkSource business representative for assistance.

Does screen applicants for my jobs?

Applicant résumés from this website are not prescreened to ensure that applicants qualify for your jobs. By posting jobs here, you agree to accept the responsibility of screening applicants. If you prefer to receive only applicants based on your requirements, contact a WorkSource business representative.

How can I request pre-screening of applicants for my jobs?

Your local WorkSource business representative can help you recruit applicants based on your requirements and refer candidates who are skilled and ready to go to work.

WorkSource also can help you:

  • Advertise your jobs
  • Write job descriptions
  • Show you new approaches for hard to fill jobs
  • Host job fairs and hiring events

Call or visit a center today to find out what WorkSource can do to help your business.

How do I post multiple job listings?

Post as many unique job listings as necessary using the features under the Post/Manage Jobs tab on the left menu bar under MyWorkSource. If you have openings for the identical job but in different worksite locations, you will be able to add the subsequent locations by zip code, city, and the number of openings in that location. Each job will appear to job seekers by location and each location can be managed independently as you fill your openings. Learn more about job listings:

Manage Jobs | Update or Delete a Job | Reopen a Closed Job | View Job Statistics

How long will my job be seen by job seekers?

The length of time a job seeker will be able to see your job listing depends on how many days you choose to retain it when posting your job. In the Post/Manage Jobs screen, you will enter the number of days that you would like the job to be available to job seekers, a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 90 days. You can update this information later by logging in and clicking on the Post/Manage Jobs tab on the left menu bar.

Can I post a job that is not located in Washington State?

Listings are only accepted for Washington state and parts of Oregon and Idaho. The work site must be located in Washington state or within a reasonable commuting distance of Washington state. Some listings may also be accepted in Alaska.

Where can I get help writing a job description?

WorkSource can help your recruitment efforts with these free services:

  • Get help writing job descriptions
  • Find new approaches for hard to fill jobs
  • Get assistance with special recruitment needs
  • Participate in job fairs and hiring events

WorkSource will listen to your business needs and offer services, options and solutions. Contact a WorkSource business representative to find out how we can address your staffing needs. We're committed to helping your business succeed.

You can also use the online Career OneStop Job Description Writer by clicking on the Human Resources tab on the left menu bar under Business Center.

How can I see what my job listing will look like to a WorkSource job seeker?

Prior to submitting your job listing to WorkSource, you will be asked to click Preview so you can check the content and formatting of your listing. Once you are satisfied with your job posting, click Submit this Job to WorkSource. Your job posting will immediately be available to job seekers.

Can WorkSource post jobs for me?

Yes. To make a request to have WorkSource post your job(s) for you, contact a WorkSource business representative nearest to the job location.

Why was my job deleted?

There are several reasons why your job listing may have been deleted from the Go2WorkSource database:

  • Your job may have expired after it reached the maximum ‘days to retain’ that you entered when your job was posted.
  • You may have deleted the job from your account.
  • The job was deemed inappropriate by Go2WorkSource staff. This can occur for reasons outlined in the Job Posting Guidelines. We will notify you by email if it is necessary to remove such a listing.

I posted a job located in one county, but it appears showing in another county. Why?

WorkSource assigns a Location Code for the work site zip code you entered for your job. Many zip codes overlap into more than one county, especially in sparsely populated areas. In this case, the zip code is assigned to the county with the nearest population concentration. If this happens, change the zip code to one that’s used exclusively within that county. The USPS Zip Code Lookup may to a helpful tool, to find the zip code for your job location.

How do I change a job listing?

Any time you wish to update, delete, close or view job listings, simply click on the Post/Manage Jobs tab of your WorkSource account. To modify a job listing that you have entered directly in Go2WorkSource, log in, click on the Post/Manage Jobs tab on the left menu bar, and click on the Update button for the job you would like to edit, enter your modifications, preview, and then submit. To modify a job listing that you submitted through a WorkSource office, contact that office and ask them to make changes to your job listing.

How do I access a job posted for me by a WorkSource Center or Affiliate site?

You will not be able to access your account for WorkSource office assisted job listings. You should contact the WorkSource business representative who listed your job(s).

How do I find job applicants?

You can use Résumé Search and Résumé Scouts to find qualified job candidates. After closing this window, click Résumé Search from the left menu bar to access the Quick or Advanced Résumé search features. Select the location(s), occupation(s), and keywords for the job. The Search Results provide a list of Summary Statements, which when clicked on, will allow you to view the candidate’s entire résumé. At the bottom of each résumé will be a "Save to Candidates Folder" button, which will save the prospective employee to your Candidates Folder for later viewing.

Access saved résumés by clicking the "résumés in Candidates Folder" link at the top of the page. You may be prompted to login if you haven't done so. You may wish to create a Résumé Scout that will select potential candidates from your pre-selected applicant criteria, where Go2WorkSource will automatically run on the frequency you have chosen and email the results to you after each run.

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