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View Statistics for a Job

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This article describes how to view statistics for each posted job.

Statistics for each job include:

  • Contact Name
  • Contact Method
  • Date Posted
  • Date Last Updated
  • Close Date
  • Current Status of the job
  • Number of Times Viewed by Job Seekers
  • Applicants
  • View Applicants

If you are a registered employer, log in to your employer account on the Employer home page. If you are not registered, click on the "Register" button to set up an employer account.

  1. On the Post/Manage Jobs tab, note that the date posted or last updated, closing date, status (open or closed), number of applicants, contact person, location and job number are displayed for each job on the list.
  2. Click on the number in the "Apps." column to view a list of all applicants who have applied online for the job.
  3. Click on any job title to display additional information including the occupational category and number of times viewed.
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