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Washington growers hire thousands agricultural workers each year to harvest crops. During the months of April through October, WorkSource partners with growers to help identify and recruit qualified workers.

On this website, you’ll find the estimated periods of seasonal farm work in Washington. For information on available farm job openings by area, please contact our bilingual employment staff or visit a WorkSource Office (see map for office locations). They’ll know what crops are being planted and the outlook for employment each week.

You also can also visit to view Washington job listings, post your résumé and find out about training opportunities.

The H-2A Program
The hourly minimum wage for the H-2A jobs is $11.87 per hour.

To find out additional information about the H-2A program, see What is H-2A?

For the current listing of H-2A jobs, see H-2A jobs in the State of Washington.