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Retraining Services


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Dislocated Worker Program Services

The following is a list of services which may be available.  Contact your local WorkSource Center for more information

Retraining for a new job or career

Limited tuition assistance at a community or technical college or private school

Financial aid for training from federal and state sources

Training in English as a second language

Basic literacy education

Assistance with books, fees, supplies

For those who qualify, help with childcare while you are attending classes

Assistance with career and educational planning

Finding a new job

Referral to job openings

Workshops to teach you how to look for a job using the  latest techniques, including the Internet

Advice on evaluating your skills and work history

Help assessing how your skills apply to today’s job market

Free Internet access for job search

Free phones, FAX machines, personal computers,   photocopiers to help with your job search

Transportation assistance

Help with childcare while you’re looking for work

Relocation assistance if you obtain new employment

Assistance from community college or WorkSource staff in looking for a job on your behalf (job development)

Tools, uniforms, supplies required on your new job

Other Resources

WorkSource Centers

Find your local WorkSource Center

Search for jobs, post your resume, find employment resources


Learn about apprenticeship and search for available apprenticeships

Community Colleges

For information on the state funded Worker Retraining Program check with your career counselor or local Community College

Provider List

Washington State Eligible Training Provider List

Program Results

Job training program results

For information on the state funded Worker Retraining Program check with your career counselor

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