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Are You a Dislocated Worker?




Dislocated Worker?


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You’ve Lost Your Job, Now What ’s Next?

Getting laid off is a big shock, but how you react makes all the difference. The first step is to apply for unemployment benefits. 

The next step is to find out if you are a "dislocated worker".

You may qualify for employment and training services.  Services range from financial support to help finding a job or retraining for a new career.

Are You a Dislocated Worker?

You may be a dislocated worker if you lost your job and one or more of these things is true about you:

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You have been terminated, laid off, or received a "notice of termination or layoff" and are unlikely to return to your usual occupation or industry because of:


A permanent plant closure;


A substantial layoff;


Foreign competition; and


Lack of demand for your skills.

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You are self-employed, but the economy or a natural disaster has put you out of work. Examples include farmers, ranchers, fishermen, etc. (Probably ineligible for unemployment benefits.)

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You are a displaced homemaker who is either unemployed or working a job that does not support your household. (Probably ineligible for unemployment benefits.)

Understanding Dislocated Worker Programs

Depending on the type of job you had, or where you live, dislocated worker resources may vary. Act right away to review your options, apply for unemployment benefits AND ask about services for dislocated workers. 

This is the fastest way to find out if you qualify, what services you can get, and where.


What’s Available to Help Dislocated Workers?

Review the lists of services.  You may or may not qualify. Funding may be limited, depending on where you live and the time of year you apply.

Follow-up by phone or in person  at your local WorkSource Center to learn more or apply. You’ll find instructions for follow-up in each section and lists of phone numbers and addresses within these web pages.

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What if you are not "dislocated?" 
Call a
WorkSource Center for job search assistance

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