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Recruitment services

 Recruitment services
 Wage & occupation info
 Workplace posters
 Employee training
 Business assistance
 Tax credits
 Avoid layoffs
 Hire a veteran

Your local WorkSource business representative can help you recruit applicants based on your requirements and refer candidates who are skilled and ready to go to work.

WorkSource also can help you:

  • Advertise your jobs
  • Write job descriptions
  • Show you new approaches for hard to fill jobs
  • Host job fairs and hiring events
  • Conduct interviews and/or group orientations at WorkSource

If you prefer self-service, you can post your jobs on Go2WorkSource.biz. There are more than 50,000 job-seeker résumés on the site. Applicant résumés you receive from Go2WorkSource.biz are not screened to ensure that applicants qualify for your jobs. By posting jobs here, you agree to accept the responsibility of screening applicants.


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